Always look at things beyond partisan approach, says VP to Civil Servants

New Delhi
June 3, 2024

Civil servants cannot ingratiate with political dispensations, stresses Vice-President
Civil servants are conveyance of change, vital stakeholders in governance, notes VP
Our Civil Service is more representative than ever before, underlines VP
You must always keep the interest of the nation and rule of law as your barometer- VP
Vice-President calls upon the officer trainees to adopt nationalistic and federalist outlook
Vice-President addresses the Assistant Secretaries of IAS 2022 batch

The Vice-President, Shri Jagdeep Dhakhar today stressed that civil servants should always see things beyond partisan approach. Addressing the Assistant Secretaries of IAS 2022 batch today at Vice-President’s enclave, Shri Dhankhar underscored that Civil servants cannot ingratiate with political dispensations.

Acknowledging the capability and competence of Indian bureaucracy to deliver, Vice-President called upon the officers present to adopt nationalistic, federalist outlook and always keep the interest of the nation supreme and uphold rule of law.

Addressing young Assistant Secretaries as inspiration, motivational force for young minds, Shri Dhankhar urged the civil servants to uphold highest ethical principles. “You are a conveyance of change. You are vital stakeholders in quality governance and torchbearers for accelerated growth”, he added.

Underlining that the Civil Service as more representative than ever before, Shri Dhankhar noted its representation from all societal segments, particularly those from vulnerable, marginalized, and underprivileged backgrounds.

Reflecting on India's remarkable economic transformation, Shri Dhankhar proudly noted that today India is full of hope and possibilities and most favoured destination for investment. “The opportunity basket for young minds is increasing day by day”, he added.

Praising the digital revolution in India, Shri Dhankhar said that “our attainments have stunned the institutions who used to advise us are now advising other countries to go India’s way”

Vice-President also appealed the officers present to never stop learning and keep updating their skills. “You people are especially ordained by constitution to bring about change”, he added.

Reflecting on a bygone era when corruption permeated the nation's power corridors, impeding opportunities based on merit, Shri Dhankhar highlighted that in the new era “Power corridors have been sanitised of corruption, now there is transparency and accountability”.

Smt. S. Radha Chauhan, Secretary, DoPT, Shri Rajit Punhani, Secretary, Rajya Sabha, Smt. Nila Mohanan, Jt. Secretary, DoPT, officers of Vice-President Secretariat, officer trainees and other dignitaries were also present on the occasion.

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