Address by Shri Jagdeep Dhankhar, Honourable Vice President at the inaugural ceremony of Higashi Autism School in New Delhi on October 29, 2023.

New Delhi | October 29, 2023

सभी को नमस्कार !

I am sure everyone here today will take home at least one message that it is our divine obligation to be at the service of those who are challenged and are in human form. I had the privilege to see the distinguished faculty members here, one has to see to believe, imagine how the teacher was in rhythm with the student. It is not easy, it is not only a mental exercise, it has to be mental, physical and spiritual. You give it all. It is like being आदमी भगवान के सामने समर्पण करता है. इस एक्सरसाइज में जो भी लोग लगे हुए हैं साधुवाद के पात्र है.

Friends, it is an absolute privilege to be here at this moment on this occasion, a remarkable institution dedicated to holistic education of children with autism. Higashi Autism School run by Higashi Autism Trust, is a multi-department campus based day-boarding private specialist school set up in collaboration with MHS Japan. It will cater to the needs of only boys, I have no doubt in a matter of time the girls will also immensely benefit out of this institution. We have to look into the significance of the third school after Tokyo and Boston. 

I have no doubt that of the three it will be number one in a very short time and for that I beseech everyone present here, and I know your worth, I know your talent, I know your commitment for societal cause to come forward and hand hold the Institution and it's march towards this destination. Reflections of Dr. Kiyo Kitahara “Within every living child exists the most precious bud of self-identity. To search this out and foster it with loving care, that is the essence of education for the child with autism." This is the philosophy of HAS. The objective is to raise every autistic child to the full potential of human development so that they achieve their sense of selfhood and inclusion. They have Daily Life Therapy, a method of educating autistic children is turning out to be very impactful. The mission is very clear it is to empower the autistic children with skills to become productive and involved members of our society, to bring pride to families were there is despair and fatigue. I don't want to share but we have to feel, a family that has a child suffering from the challenge, the family has a great challenge emotional and otherwise. One of the top most concerns is what will happen to the child, if I am not there. The very feeling is an existing challenge. An Institute like this I am sure will fill the gap.Friends, societal growth is equitable, shunning inequities, when there is in place an ecosystem that allows every human being fullest opportunity to fully unleash energy to exploit potential, talent and realise dreams and fructify aspirations. 

This is all the more important with those who stand challenged in one way or the other at any stage of life. Imagine a challenge you are born with, that is different, that is the sharpest challenge offered to humanity to give a soothing touch to these children.This challenge get highly motive in this direction because by a large it is the other gender, the mother who takes to sole responsibility sacrifying every comfort, everything she has to ensure the growth of the child. All efforts must converge to ensure a life of dignity for this very special category. It is a divine duty and sublime service to humanity to ensure not only education but an environment, an ecosystem that affirmatively promotes growth of such challenged persons. When you know that it can't be cured finally, your efforts have not to be arithmetic but geometric. I have every hope, optimism and confidence that the Higashi Autism School would undoubtedly realise this and secure each child find place in the world discovering their potential and find their calling in life.

दोस्तों, जब मैं यहां पर आया और मैंने पहला कदम रखा, मुझे यह एहसास हो गया कि यह बहुत अलग है, it is only sacrifice, it is giving back to the society."पूत के पांव पालने में दिख जाते है" कहावत यहाँ पूरी तरह चरितार्थ है।" Shri Krishna temple, when I went there I saw, is much beyond a temple, a temple situated in a premises of another temple, as reflected by Datta ji, it carries a great meaning, this reminds us our civilizational ethos, this is bound to contribute to channelising, exposing the energy of children suffering autism. I am told, a yoga curriculum specifically designed is intended to balance mind and bodies and other faculties. I had no occasion to go inside the classrooms but do we need to go inside to see what must be there, we can feel it from here the ambits of building, the serenity of environment, the corridor, I am sure all have been executed to translate a vision into a ground reality which we all are feeling how shooting it is to note and we have witnessed it. This institute, this school is committed towards understanding the abilities and gifts unique to each child, when I interacted with Dr Rashmi, I was enlightened about the challenges, friends we have these days easy solutions right from infrastructure to dealing with our issues known as formula solution, a solution one size fits all and this does if you have malaria, tuberculosis, cancer, it doesn't fit in when you are grappling with a child facing challenge of autism every child has a specific need, every child is a unique and that is the challenge to the faculties. I must congratulate the faculties, I have not interacted personally with them I have seen them from distance the faculties member were lost hundred percent in the welfare of child, when we saw them here this exemplifies highest commitment of sacrifice for someone else. Friends education is much beyond walls, so easy these days to create an infrastructure any man with fiscal muscle can do it but that is small essential part, the major part is commitment, directional approach, faculty is determination and an urge to secure high degree of satisfaction not for oneself but see the satisfaction of others as your great accomplishment. It is our collective duty as citizens of Bharat, as educators and parents as a community to expose our children to wider world notwithstanding the challenges they suffer in their individual personality. Friends no institution can thrive without its dedicated pillar and we have seen here one prime motivator, Dr. Rashami be affirmatively, emotive in a committed manner being assisted by members of faculty, I am sure there cannot be the more impactful naturing of such institution that according to me with every passing day will make a great name for Bharat globally. 

I take the opportunity to congratulation all parents and guardians present here, I will especially call upon people from my gender they must works order to solder with their companion and their spouses in a missionary mode not leave them alone you will lose your human face, you will forfeit your right to be a member of mankind, if you become a deserter when a child faces a challenge and your spouse is only playing on front foot and you are cushioning somewhere else I am sure they will heat this is a advice. Friends,  a befitting occasion for us all to resolve in togetherness for evolving an environment where every child with autism is celebrated. I could see sparkle in the eyes of Dr Rashmi when he she met me a few months ago, these are the paintings by children suffering autism she was getting involved with his painting I had the occasion to see when I saw her child in the company of Datta ji in a photograph I could see both of them what sink with each other we need such kind of synergetic response collectively. Let us resolve to forge a path towards a future where we make the world safe and meaningful for such a category of children.

The greatest assurance of success of any venture is the human resource spirit and commitment underlining it. Dr. Rashmi exemplifies this virtuosity.  She is passionate about the institution, fired with missionary zeal and prepared to shade every material position she had I don't want to get personal. She has already done it, not many in the world  in which we live could ever think of it. Her execution of the project, notwithstanding the difficulties, evokes appreciation.  In a sense this is remarkable, this has been achieved in short span of time. I have no doubt, this institute is bound to  make a global mark in the field with her noble sublime stance and thoughtfulness. Visit to this place for me is no less than a spiritual journey marking  Detachment from the self and attachment to the welfare of others. It is very difficult to detach oneself from once gain we are  attached to it we know we not be here still till the last we are working recklessly only for self aggrandizement self accumulation here you get a feeling get attached to the welfare of someone else. 

I visualize in Higashi Autism School emergence of a sanctuary of hope, a beacon of inclusivity, and a testament to the exploitation of boundless potential that resides within each and every child. 

I conclude with an appeal that people present here, their potential taking note of that I can say your epicenter and nerve centre of a big change let us in our own way in our humble way be partner in the growth of this institute stakeholders  holders in some manner or the other it does not matter what we do, how we do, what matters is that we do it. I resolve to myself and my on behalf and my wife to do our small bit every moment this institute thank you so much.