Address by Shri Jagdeep Dhankhar, Honourable Vice President at the FICCI’s 16th Annual Healthcare conference – FICCI HEAL 2022, in on New Delhi on October 11, 2022.

New Delhi | October 11, 2022

Very Good Morning and Greetings to all.
Indeed honoured to inaugurate the FICCI’s 16th Annual Healthcare conference – FICCI HEAL 2022 in the august company of leaders of the industry.
With an apt theme - ‘Healthcare Transformation: Driving India’s Economic Growth’, this conference is bound to be an important deliberative platform for the health sector from the industry’s as also national perspective.
Congratulations to Mr Gautam Khanna, for rendering a thought provoking theme address.
Grateful to Dr Sangita Reddy for wholesome observations about me.
Healthcare is one of the most important pillars of nation-building - impacting not just the economy, but the productivity, well-being and happiness of citizens.
Healthcare mechanism indicates Health of the Nation.
Health and Education are twins that need to be well looked after and pandered for our present and future being.
Their obvious springs are innovation, entrepreneurship. These twins if well-groomed will take care of
पहला सुख निरोगी काया,
दूजा सुख घर में हो माया।
Series of governance affirmative steps have generated an ecosystem that now affords ample opportunities to all to exploit one’s talent and potential. The positive results are a ground reality.
Affordable and quality Healthcare are inalienable facets of any vibrant society. 
This mega health programme ‘Ayushman Bharat’ covers the entire continuum of healthcare and is effectively taking us towards Universal health Coverage.
It has been successful in bridging the gap between rich and poor in terms of accessibility of healthcare services in the country.
Greatly appreciate our budgetary march towards the target of 2.5 percent of GDP by 2025 as set out in the National Health Policy, 2017.
We have a basket of unique challenges as well as unprecedented opportunities in the sphere of public health.
Presently Infant Mortality Rate is less than 30 per thousand.
I recollect Infant Mortality was thrice looming at 88 per thousand births in 1990. 
These figures are testimony to massive contribution of those engaged in Health Sector.
India is on course to achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) targets for health. 
Last month Bharat became Fifth largest economy, marching ahead of the UK.  By turn of the decade we would be the third largest economy in the world. A feat that few years ago was a distant dream.
In the last few decades, India has experienced record-breaking economic growth – accompanied by significant reductions in poverty and improvement in health.
Emergence of world class infrastructure of roads and connectivity contributes to geometric growth of Health Sector.
As of 2021, the healthcare sector is one of India’s largest employers consisting of 4.7 million persons.
As a Nation we have potential to cater the world needs of human resource in this sector as well.
Series of recent governance initiatives have resulted in significant improvement in skill upliftment in this sector.
Appreciate the vision of the Hon’ble Prime Minister in having in 2014 Ministry of Skill Development and Entrepreneurship to coordinate all skill development efforts across the country.
The role of the industry in keeping pace with technological developments and skill upgradations in the Health Sector is commendable.
The Health Ministry has made steady progress in digital healthcare delivery and has demonstrated full use of digital health in major national health programmes.
I suggest that we further leverage our strengths in Information & Communication Technologies (ICT) for improving our healthcare.
Public Private Partnerships are also imperative for healthcare infrastructure expansion in the country. Public health in India cannot be improved by only state-led, one-size-fits-all solution.
With the diversity and scale of our healthcare demands, we need to involve all stakeholders- public, private and people to build and strengthen India’s health and wellbeing.
The government has also envisioned positioning India as a global hub for medical and wellness tourism through the 'Heal in India' initiative.
In view of the excellent healthcare infrastructure and natural beauty of the countryside, India has the potential to become a prime health tourism destination.
Would like to acknowledge the role of FICCI as the leading industry chamber of the country. FICCI has been contributing immensely to the COVID-19 response in close coordination with the Empowered Groups and has been providing valuable suggestions.
I am happy that FICCI, through its HEAL platform, is extending the right stimulus and encouragement for the industry through exchange of innovative ideas for best practices.
I also appeal to all chambers to come together on a single platform for addressing such important issues.
Let us work together – public and private, centre and states, citizen and government – for our collective dream of Universal Healthcare - affordable, accessible, advanced and quality healthcare for all our people.
Let’s work to make Bharat a choice destination for Health Care.
Wishing the best to you all! Thank you