Address by Shri Jagdeep Dhankhar, Honourable Vice President at the Centenary celebrations of the Andhra Medical College, Visakhapatnam in Andhra Pradesh on October 28, 2023.

Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh | October 28, 2023

Good morning to all of you!


Much has been spoken about Visakhapatnam . I would not say more, but surely it's a city of destiny. It has impactful presents of academics and industry and as a human potential that can further be afforded, its pristine, sea shores, soft golden sands and gently rolling waves are mesmerising, captivating and unforgettable. I was exposed to such wealth today, besides bountiful nature blessings Vizag has AP Med Tech Zone one of its kind in the world, home to more than 300 medical companies. This  speaks volumes about its potential a great need of our times high tech medical equipment, and I have no doubt this place is eminently suited to  cater to high tech med equipments there will be full exploration, exploitation on this front, so that our Bharat emerges as supply to the world of high tech med equipments which we now by and large import. It is a challenge, with the city, its professionals are well equipped to take and deliver. I wouldn't say about other aspects there has been much said here, but it adds to my joy, a great moment for me,  unforgettable moment I am in the company of aluminae, professionals, students in the medical profession, congratulations on  the remarkable journey you had for a century, it is not a rare phenomena, it has been as well also but this one is very special it has background and as the Governor of State of West Bengal, I had  occasions to see institutions, more than this old this one is unique remarkable for its contribution and I can say it has a great future, it will lay down a benchmark of excellence in healthcare medical education and service to humanity. friends, what a pleasant coincidence, Andhra medical College centenary celebrations are taking place in Amrit Kaal which is our GauravKall, the entire world is stunting at the position which India comes in the community of Nations. We all and we all Indians are fortunate and lucky to be in this kalkhand to the service of Bharat, our phenomenal growth have been recognised and acknowledged globally and and there is reflection of it on the ground, let me friends reflect and contemporaneous scenario the nation is witnessing milestone accomplishments phenomenal growth and in this Times for the first time turning out to be global agenda setter and the honour we never dreamt of. I was elected to Parliament in 1989. I was a member of the union government. We could never imagine and dream that India as a nation will be so positioned globally as to set the agenda of the globe on vital issues. The voice of India in community of nations was never so impactful and resonant as it is today. As Vice President during G20 and P20, I had the occasion to get responses from global leaders. All of them in one voice said India has set a very high benchmark. We all can take pride that our Prime Minister Narendra Modi today commands global respect. His image as a global leader is not dependent now on any nation his contributions at global level have been statesman like it was India's prime minister Narendra Modi who said war is not a solution diplomacy and dialogue have to find the solution, it was our prime minister who said it is not an era of expansion, and the greatest achievement which India could obtain during G20 was, the Delhi declaration that reflects our age old ethos, we could work a solution by consensual approach you all are aware India emerged at the soft power after G20, G20 deliberations were held in every State every, Union territory in about 60 locations and 200 such places the entire country. The Central Government and state government to organise most efficiently and the world came to see our cultural heritage World came to be exposed to death of our civilization in this state also very commendably organised this kind of Synergetic approach had made the world wonder that India today is home to vibrant democracy. Be it United Nations, WTO, from every global conference India stand on conflict matters we are not in doubt it is for the first time Indian diplomacy has taken a level that it concerns primarily in the interest of the world, stability of the world, peace and harmony of the world and our core civilizational values. India is being looked upon as a problem solver for the challenges of our time. We have become agenda setters on global issues today. And demonstrated most impact fully the achievements.The world has acknowledged India’s leadership in every forum. Prime Minister Narendra Modi vision, passion and exemplary execution of big ticket projects has put our economy and reputation on incremental trajectory.

Overtaking UK and France Bharat in 2022 became the fifth largest global economy, overtaking UK and France.  What a remarkable journey. Traversing the distance of a decade from fragile five to Big five was not easy. our rich human resource our visionary leadership our right policies have resulted in this gain. People here are very educated listening minds from every indication by the turn up the decade by 2030 Bharat will be the third largest global economy over taking Germany and Japan. I have had the occasions to inter act with iamf functionaries top leadership on four occasions 3 during my foreign visits and one during P20 imagine IMF which used to tell us your financial credibility is going down I was the part of union government in 1990 we have seen in planes in physical form our gold to be placed to banks to sustain or financial credibility and what is the situation now IMF says India Today is a favourite destination for opportunity and investment such kind of certification means all  to us and let me tell you this is a justifiable  comment it is not favoring us. Our digital penetration and spread has stunned the world- our digital transactions in 2022 being four times of the US, UK, France and Germany. This is where we have come Indian genius irrespective of education grapples with knowledge we are born Eklavya even no one tells us we get skilled on our own and this is reflected in another statistics which I am sharing with you with great satisfaction and Pride our per capita internet data utilisation in 2022 was more than that of us and China taken together. This epocal change has taken place because of commitment leadership vision missionary speed and high degree of execution of the executive leadership the Honorable Prime Minister. There is in place and my friends aluminium in particular note we have leave through the Times we have been all over the globe we have felt pain also how the India was looked upon they were seriously concerned and what was happening here in various sectors tevar fight with the gill to look the change that has taken place I am happy to report to this to you listening minds we see. We have everything to rise that slot we are equipped in that big room I look forward a day I can get medical equipment we supported from this country capital is not Lacking human resource is not Lacking government policies are affirmative and I am sure it shall be done. Corruption is the most destructive lethal menace to human growth and common man and corruption is very hurtful to the vulnerable corruption is into the the growth trajectory corruption handicaps human resource development. There was a time when power corridors in Delhi were infested by  power brokers nothing could be facilitated without them and now power corridors are fully sanitized of those who extra legally leverage in decision making now everyone is account to law now one is above law and this is new norms never heard there could be corruption in the governance at top level with high ticket projects this is great achievements. we have to be futuristic we cannot be a nation that will look to at other Nations what is happening we have to lead from the front that is what we are doing Government of India recognises this rapidly changing technology landscape centre for artificial intelligence and robotics has been specifically set to foster research and innovation in this sector it not may make impact as well but this will make the impact for the audience as I am these  audience knows the importance of it we are on the  forefront at this point India's advancement has attracted collaboration from advanced countries like on this field Germany Japan France Israel many more even NCERT is introducing a basic course artificial intelligence and preparing a new National curriculum framework imagine we have thought so early that are impressionable minds will be able to observe this particular aspect and the creative is bound to outcome of it, friends this is early big it can't be appreciated by every form you shall be appreciated by this form because of it's high intellect experience exposure commitment and desire to change Bharat.A work-in-progress globally, quantum computers are a reliable class of computers that work several times faster than the speediest machines of today and also facilitate exponentially secure communication networks, with wide applications.This is the thought the world is grabbing with there are countries in double digit focusing on it our Bharat is one of the, The Union Cabinet this April  2023, approved the ₹6,003 crore National Quantum Mission (NQM) that will fund research and development of quantum computing technology and associated applications. It is not just abstract, we have genius. We will see the result on ground for this game changing exercise.Truly a Quantum jump for India, that will accelerate Quantum Technology led economic growth and leverage Bharat into a leading nation in this latest ecosystem. This will spur developments in quantum computing, cryptography, communications, health and material science. Growth trajectory of Bharat and can be sustained and secure, this consensus this August gathering this consensus the brilliant mind that is here our growth trajectory can be sustained only when our health infrastructure is strengthen.Good health of the nation is a storage guarantee for the spinal growth of the economy. Health is wealth. few  people realised it it is writing on the wall if we lose health wealth has no consequence if we lose health you can't use your talent approach conviction direction to make a contribution you are helpless and therefore, Over the ages there has been emphasis on पहला सुख निरोगी काया। Human Resource, however talented, gifted and committed can contribute only by being healthy. On the perspective of our civilisation depth, we find that all the four Vedas are replete with references regarding various aspects of medicine. Atharva Veda is an Encyclopedia for medicine. A treasure and mine for all health related aspects.

Ayurveda (the science of life) is considered as Upa Veda is a part  of the Atharva Veda. Medical knowledge of very high degree was prevalent in Bharat ages ago even now we have traditional medicine involved people who diagnose in very different manner there is archaeological evidence which matters greatly take it mohenjo daro and Harappa and they reveal there was greatest commitment hygiene and sanitation look at their perspective we have lost our way somewhere. Impact full steps has now been taken to get back to the basic to change the life of our people to make a difference in our life andArchaeological evidence of Mohenjo-daro and Harappa reveal high civilization in matters of sanitation and hygiene. Impact full steps has now in taken to get back to the basic change the life of our people to make difference in our life so they they can become beneficiaries to the growth of this country trajectory. हर घर नल, हर घर जल, शौचालय, गैस कनेक्शन  these are steps that have empower those who are in need of it imagine the change in life of the people who never imagine who will have these facilities and the number is in millions and millions when I was member in parliament in 1989 we had the benefit of 50 gas connections every year with thought we had great power look at the Government of the day 150 million 170 millions being given free to the people who need it what a relief to the people at large to a toilet in every home we are paying greatest respect to dignity two are mothers are daughters we attended to the them I come from my state where women had to travel for kilometres that have a pot on their head and importing it to their house imagine that har Ghar Nal aur har nal mein jal this is a big change.Friends, it was a delightful moment for me Inauguration of Andhra Medical College Centenary Academic Block  Building to commemorate these 100 glorious years is indeed befitting occasion to be in futuristic mode. It is soothing and emulative for others that this is with a budget of 50 crores generated from contributions by the alumni. Alumni has been learn lesson from you but it is full taping of your reservoir I appealed to you to have a structured mechanism not only for your institute for all other institute so that alumni become partners in growth of this nation not only by fiscal contribution by selling their ideas by contributing policy making it was indicated by the chairman that in the US great institution has blossom to furnish because of Alumni contribution it pains my heart it is worrisome that there is institute in the US where only faculty members from this country and students from this country take Pride in decline their own country. How Can this be allowed, We as a diaspora spread all over the globe our diaspora for his very very talented it is more than 30 million I appeal to every Indian may be any part of the globe weather anti Bharat narratives attempts to demean tant tarnish our constitution institution can be countenance you have a mind of your one you have you shall be  humiliated by many others your silence on the issue will not be fair. It has been indicated by the Honourable Governor I wouldn't reflect on that but it is not a small achievement to view one of the 7th earliest institution in India which is home to 1/6th of the humanity and that institution getting into the centenary mode and on a growth trajectory means much more is to come and much more will come geometrically not arithmetically because are Bharat operates on a  development trajectory is only geometry. Your enduring legacy is a source of pride for your community and an inspiration for the healthcare world at large. I was looking at the exhibition my goodness 12 padma awardees from this institution which of them is in healthcare I don't think any medical institution in the world can have that kind of recognition from a sovereign nation. It great pride in saying the Rajya Sabha which I preside as a chairperson has Padmaawardees are in single digit. this was great I can make out the passion and mission of those who belong to this institute who  recognise by the government for contribution made for larger welfare of the humanity in the health sector. I take the opportunity on behalf of entire nation and myself to congratulate our health warriors. During the COVID you faced the challenge at the risk of your life, our paramedical staff engaging hand holding they did not care even for the life India got to innovation you know also we have Covaxin of ours we used it we give it to about 100 countries we had a diplomatic Covaxin Maitri also several leaders conveyed to me we are grateful that while India was battling with COVID it was also taking care of others. Imagine even during that critical time some people went to a tangent raised issue. I appeal to you that commitment to nationalism has to be unadulterated, it has to be sublimed, it is not an option, it is the only way with resolute commitment to health. This we have done because we believe in our civilization ethos because and we lived to them the government has taken many steps recently from the perspective of healthcare National medical commission has been constituted as an Apex body its an nerve centre epicenter it is engage vigilantry in finding solution to the problem the people are facing at large by series of affirmative steps through people centric steps our health care and medical education has been  revolutionised. The Honorable Minister was in the meeting on the growth of Medical education in the state commendable this is all India phenomenal There has been increase in the number of Medical Colleges in last 9 years by 70 percent in our country this is not easy, this has been done and seats in MBBS and PG have nearly doubled during this period. Today country has 660 medical colleges  and number of AIIMS has increased from 7 to 22. I know there are challenges there are issue medical college medical education is beyond infrastructure it is not a buildings people here are those who know how to concept how to revolve concept execution can take place and from that prospective the steps we have taken fructifying is for the gain for entire humanity and in our Bharat in particular. Ayushman Bharat with Over 1.5 lakh health and wellness centre; over 47 crore Ayushman Bharat Health Accounts and over 10,000 Jan Aushadhi Kendras have turned out to be big relief to the people. Swachh Bharat people laughed at it, mocked at the Prime Minister what the Prime Minister is doing all of you know it and most of the alumni we outside have you ever broken road rule outside, have you thrown banana peel outside out of running vehicle, No. Here we do frequently. Swachh Bharat is a game changer it is big to relief society our mindset has been revolutionised, our mind set has been put in a proper frame. Friends, When we talk about holistic medical care, why should we reached hospital, can be not work a mechanism that we avoid people reaching hospital preventive, curative, geriatric, palliative these aspects need to be attended we must also bear on mind the relevance of traditional medicines. There should be convergence of all forms of positivity medicine and therapy, allopathy and our age old is medicine  system must converge at large it was the big moment for the country. We  rediscovered what was our wealth what indicated minutes ago what was in our Vedas in Ayush Mantralaya was there in 2014. I can assure you my friend did I great job it is making people healthy treating mental disorders in infusing positively in them. Look at the thought  process of Prime Minister yoga is with us we were not using it it could assured the entire world and he projected the idea before the United Nations in shortest time the largest number of countries came together and approved special yoga day it is celebrated in every nook and corner every of this planet and what a coincident on international yoga day on behalf of the nation I was there in Jabalpur and the honorable Prime Minister was at the United nation headquarter, Bing attended by virtually people from all the countries of globe a great accomplishment. But beyond that yoga as a practice is our health severe nurture our health it puts in a different mindframe people are faster adopting doing this we are having a crop of professionals who are trained in yoga who will help people at large to do it in a professional manner. Education according the most impact full transformation mechanism, What education Can does nothing else can do look at the education that serious after more than three decades we had new education policy as the  Governor, State of West Bengal I am aware inputs were taken from lakhs of  stakeholders, we have revolution a new education policy. The New Education Policy, has a  Synergetic instance in healthcare from various form allopathy to our traditional medicine mechanism. Friends, I wanted to keep away from certain aspects but having seeing the trend here I would say if Bharat has to become and it shall become a developed nation by 2047, it is the shared responsibility by all of us some of us will not be around but students shall be around they are warriors soldiers to take Bharat at highest position it had earlier for that we will have to ingredients. Medical profession is very pious profession, its service to humanity Dr. are taken next to God, doctor inspire lot of beliefs in people individually our doctors are best in the world.  I cannot imagine a single doctor who will operation for personal gain for personal comfort what is really need to be focused is our establishment that have grown up they have caught into mode of commercialization, we need to have a culture of high ethical standard, we need to generate ecosystem, self regulating system, for example diagnosis number of test, repeated test, staying in hospital that are the issues which is in public domain but ethically standard by sublime orders are quite essential to this profession which is taken to be next to the God. I would leave at that but I am sure things will turn out to take a positive. I call upon the medical fraternity to take an active part in the Government’s initiatives to provide affordable quality healthcare to every citizen of the country. Institutions like yours can step in to undertake an impact assessment of Government’s public healthcare programmes and give suggestions to foster the educational, institutional, architecture of the programme. Now you are better suited to assess the impact of the problem which may be projected in huge advertisement it may be emanating from public platform but the moment you as a citizen committed warrior of this nation look at this and make a suggestion at right quarter, there will be a difference and now we have a system that you can reach at any constitutional function at top by just sending an email and trust me all suggestions are filtered studied rationalize resolution sought and if there has to be some addition it takes place. India I can tell you is on the rise as never before the rise of India is unstoppable but you have the most critical to play. This rise can be sustained and our economy can be protected only when we have health warriors take care of the health of the nation. It is supreme than anything else. friends Exploitative tendencies must not be spared in any system, exploitative tendencies are antithetical to propriety good chance and conscious but exploitative tendencies, mechanisms in the field of health are killing in house mechanism that we must develop friends I have taken more time then I stood to have, I will tell you one thing. There are certain people who peddle narratives that are prizmed and dent our reputation. Our foundation these are narratives are orchestrated to run down our institutions , in our growth trajectory, how can one say that Pakistan is better than India on hunger Index, how far they can go to say, I therefore on a lighter note, request health warriors, eminent Doctors, please work for a therapy and the treatment for those who for inexplicable regions find India's growth indigestive, let us focus on that, I am sure, you have a solution you will have a solution for everything the human body most complex on the base of your attention. My best wishes to all on this historic moment, May You be blessed with happiness by rendering health to everyone else. Be ever proud of Bhartiya and Bharat always keep nation first, take pride in being Indians and be proud in our phenomenal growth epochal achievements and Developments and for that just look at last 3 month we had Bharat mandapam one of the top conventional centre in the world P20,  we have new parliament building we have women reservation passed on 21st September providing for reservation in parliament legislature with declared August 23 Space day for the first time India became the only country to land this vehicle on south pole of the moon this is just in a three month if I take to you in 3 years it will be endless all because people for me are contributing to the growth of this nation more than me and others we believe in your wisdom dedication and your application of your mind, the concern you have for every person living in this country

Thank you so much.