Address by Shri Jagdeep Dhankhar, Honourable Vice President at the 14th AIMA Managing India Awards in New Delhi on April 23, 2024

New Delhi | April 23, 2024

AIMA has emerged as a credible forum of convergence of industry captains and professionals to enhance networks of knowledge, skills and expertise including by rendering recognition of this kind.

Friends, I was greatly impressed and touched by the nomenclature of the awards-very thoughtful, catching. AIMA Managing India Awards, It indicates sweep of its activity, and this is exemplified and indicated in action, Today is one such day.

My congratulations to the awardees for well deserved, well earned recognition. Their success stories will inspire and motivate many and collectively work towards India’s growth.

There is other’s points of view in life. You must lend your ears to that point of view. You must not be instantly judgmental about it.

Don't drop that point of view with the drop of a hat because more often than not, the other point of view is the correct point of view, and the other point of view is nectar of life.

Friends! It is time for all of us to reflect on the profound responsibilities while we celebrate the success stories of the awardees.

Before Socrates, there was Greek philosopher Heraclitus, what he said, "Change is the only constant in life".

Friends, we are amidst this change in its extremity and severity. The 21st century is already marked with precipitous changes. Disruptive technologies be it Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things, blockchain, machine learning, 6G, Quantum Computing and the kind.

It seems, and we can feel it, We are at the threshold of the equivalent of another industrial revolution. The world is grappling with the speed, scale, complexity, and transformative power of these technologies.

Now science fictions are fast taking shape of science facts in our own lifetime and technology fusion is now the main driver.

Historically, technological innovations have been considered as the main drivers for sustainable economic development and geometric productivity growth.

Now the new breed, Disruptive technology is required to be harnessed for substantial role in wealth creation and socio-political stability.

These technologies, my friends, have a potential to cause broader societal transformation by changing the existing economic sectors, tenets of work, production, and consumption. It lies, friends, in your domain to harness these technologies and convert challenges into opportunities.

There is a dire need to identify and develop the disciplines and the required mission abilities in order to build suitable skills into the workforce of industry.

By doing that, you'll be helping talent in a particular direction, you'll break the silos wherever youth are obsessed only with competition. They are robotising themselves to participatory competitions, unaware of the opportunities that are available to them. People here, and people like you know all about it. You can be a gamechanger by reaching out to them.

Friends, when it comes to our Bharat, one needs to step out of the bubble.

Some people are in the bubble, the number is small, they are in the country and outside. They need to come out of that bubble to experience the environment of hope and possibility, the exponential growth and feel, the unstoppable upsurge in Bharat, home to one-sixth of humanity and world's most vibrant functional democracy at all levels, constitutionally structured.

Friends, look at the current scenario. For the development of the nation, on one hand, we are delving deep into the sea to make the most of the blue economy. On land, we are scratching beyond the surface, and in the sky and in space, we are soaring high!

Friends, there is no doubt, as a nation, we are in full preparedness to emerge as a future global superpower and a global leader. This is writing on the wall. Some think otherwise.

It takes time to realise ground reality. But this is a factual situation, well premised, recognized globally by those concerned.

I urge each one of you to recognize your pivotal role, and you need to play that role, in shaping the next generation of leaders.

Your mentorship with experience and exposure, talent and intellect, your mentorship, guidance, and unwavering support are indispensable in nurturing the talent of young dynamic individuals and preparing them to assume leadership roles in their own right. I earnestly call upon you, appeal to you, please handhold them.

Collective wisdom of Indian industry has potential to avail the great benefits of technology and new vistas of opportunities and its role is critical in India's marathon march to Viksit Bharat at 2047 to mark the centenary of our Independence.

Our urban centres have experienced remarkable progress and growth as development has touched lives in all corners of the country. The development is plateau kind. Everything is rising.

In this growth trajectory, there is potential for further advancement in rural areas. If you embrace this opportunity for development, you will bring about a more equitable distribution of resources and opportunities across the nation.

Each of us, in our respective capacities, has a responsibility to give back to society. Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is much beyond a legal obligation; it is a moral imperative and a powerful tool for social change. Industry is by and large gainfully channelising it.

I admire it, but I have a suggestion, If the top people in industry converge to an idea. Prove only the part of CSR, there can be more than one Institute of global standards coming up in this country and over a decade such Institutions encompassing different fields of human activity- Health, Education Science, Defence and the like will be touted in every geographical part of the nation.

Ladies and gentlemen, it is said that “Management is about doing things right, leadership is about doing right things”. But more importantly, there is also a caveat which says - “Quality of Leadership is reflected in the standards leaders set for themselves”.

India is a happy country, we have captains of industries by dozens who've set the highest standards in public life, ethical standards, commitment to society and therefore there is no reason why we shall not be catalysing the big change.