Address (Excerpts) by Shri Jagdeep Dhankhar, Honourable Vice President after visiting National Aerospace Limited (NAL) facilities and laying the foundation stone of Centre for Carbon Fiber and Prepregs in Bengaluru on May 27, 2024.

Bengaluru | May 27, 2024

I greet you, I congratulate you. In past one hour or so, I have been surcharged, energised and motivated. I have been telling, driven by the ground reality, that India is a land of hope and possibility. But, here I find that our futuristic outlook is taking shape. This is the laboratory, this is the crucible where these things are happening. As a student of physics honours, I’m absolutely delighted.

In Amrit Kaal, we are seeing India's rise. The rise is unstoppable, the rise is incremental but the kind of rise which you are defining here is a rise that the world is noticing. We are going to be one of the top nations in the world.

India is one of the countries that are focusing on disruptive technologies as no other country is doing. There are 5, 6 countries in the world focusing on that. Our quantum computing system that will be of extreme awareness to you all is already in place.

The government has already made allocations. We are also focusing on other disruptive technologies and they have extreme bearing here also. Machine learning, blockchain, artificial intelligence, internet of things.

In general perception, these technologies pose a challenge. But for you, this challenge is opportunity. You are increasing the opportunity basket of our youth, our impressionable minds.

Friends, the Institute has grown into a powerhouse of Research and development contributing significantly to Aerospace sector and beyond. In last two years, India's space accomplishments have come to be globally recognised. Both in the field of Defence and also in the shape of things like Chandrayan-3. All this, I now realise is not the handiwork of one Institution, it is the convergence of several institutions that has contributed to this.

Wind tunnel facility… since I have a little bit modest understanding about it, I was thrilled. I could see what is to come. I inquired from the director, how long will it take us to be in the top group? Well, not many years.

Since the beginning has been made, right steps have been taken, visionary leadership has provided futuristic governance policies for it. India will regain its past glory of having controlled the global knowledge about space and astronomy.

Wind tunnel facility, engineering marvel, looks simple when you look at it, but just imagine when it functions, the entire body is thrilled, how challenging is the job, how they are partners, significant stakeholders in the success of all that we are witnessing and relishing, including Chandrayan-3.

Modern age is marked by transformational revolutionary changes. I am firmly committed to our thought process that education is the most impactful transactional mechanism of change. It brings about a change that respects equality, cuts into inequities. But more than that, and much beyond that, and what is need of the hour, is technological advancement.

A country that is investing in technological advancement will have secure boundaries. Gone are the days of conventional warfare. I have before me men in uniform. They know the changing dynamics of warfare. It's gone much beyond conventional warfare. How our position will happen, how strongly we will be, will be determined in laboratories like this. And the good thing is, our future is bright because you people are working with that intellect, education, which is unrivalled in the world.

The indigenous aircraft showcasing India's ability to design and produce advanced aviation technology truly stands as a symbol of an Atmanirbhar Bharat.

Friends, I saw three things and all three will change our landscape, our airspace. One, the one in which I said, which is used for training purposes, not only it will create a fleet of people interested in aviation and pilots, the second one, transport, amazing.

And the third one, you don't need a pilot. It can remain in the sky for 90 days and self power for the reason that it translates solar energy into power for itself. Now, these are big ticket changes.

The entire rural landscape of this country is surcharged when the Prime Minister announced that women in the villages will have the capacity to operate drones, it is within their reach. What you are doing will have great commercial exploitation. There will be growth of industry. I inquired from the director… mass production, you will have involvement of private sector, public sector and in defence, the utility is there. But a country that was importing and 100% importing defence equipment is now exporting defense equipment in billions of dollars. All I can indicate friends at the moment is that 1.4 billion people of this country with total dedication are part of a marathon march.

The objective is, the destination is a developed nation at 2047 when we celebrate centenary of our Independence. In this great exercise in the great Yagya and Hawan, आपकी आहुति बहुत महत्वपूर्ण है। भारत की विकास यात्रा में, विकास में हवन में जो आहुति टेक्नोलॉजी की होगी, जो आहुति आपकी होगी वह बहुत महत्वपूर्ण होगी।

भारत की यात्रा शुरू हो चुकी है।

Rise of this country is unstoppable. The rise is incremental.

जो tough challenge था, जो headwinds थी उसके बावजूद हमारी प्रगति इतनी जबरदस्त है, यह आने वाले समय में आप अंदाजा लगा सकते हैं। We are marching friends in togetherness with absolute confidence. India will be a developed nation of world leaders and an economic power already it is in 2047.

मुझे यहाँ आकार बहुत अच्छा लगा।

बहुत बड़ी ऊर्जा मेरे मे आई है। बहुत बड़ी ताकत आई है and I have no doubt this reflects mood of the nation.

Congratulations to you all, greetings to you, salutation to you all for the work you are doing, and the work you are doing is not much in public domain.

This silent revolution which you are bringing about, and people will come to know then their confidence will go geometric not arithmetic.

Thank you.