Vice President greets citizens on the eve of Ugadi, Gudi Padava, Chaitra Sukladi, Cheti Chand, Navreh and Sajibu Cheiraoba

New Delhi
April 8, 2024

On the auspicious occasion of Ugadi, Gudi Padava, Cheti Chand, Chaitra Shukladi, Navreh and Sajibu Cheiraoba, I extend warm greetings and heartfelt wishes to all our citizens.

Celebrated by different names but with the same joy at its core, these festivals mark the beginning of the traditional New Year in various corners of our diverse nation, symbolizing hope, prosperity, and renewal. As we embrace these festive occasions, let us reflect on the spirit of unity in diversity that defines the fabric of Bharat.

May this New Year bring prosperity, happiness and good health to the lives of all.

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