Rise of Bharat is an assurance for global peace and harmony – Vice President

New Delhi
March 21, 2024

India is no longer a sleeping giant, asserts Vice-President
Peace is best secured from position of strength; ever preparedness for war is safest passage to peace – VP
Conflagrations in any part of the world impact global economy beyond confronting nations - VP
VP addresses the participants of International Strategic Engagement Programme (IN-STEP)

The Vice President, Shri Jagdeep Dhankhar today emphasized that the rise of Bharat in economy and technology is with “the greatest assurance to world peace, harmony and global order.” He also added that India remains committed to engaging like-minded nations to nurture and sustain global peace, stability and harmony.


VP made these remarks while interacting with the participants of inaugural International Strategic Engagement Programme (IN-STEP) at Upa-Rashtrapati Niwas today. This two-week program comprising of international delegates from 21 countries and 8 Indian officers is being organized by National Defence College.


In his address, Shri Dhankhar asserted that India is no longer a nation with potential or a sleeping giant as some indicated; it is on the rise and the rise is unstoppable. “India's extraordinary growth story transcends skeptics, exemplifying visionary leadership, inclusive development and unwavering perseverance,” he added.


Highlighting that India's unprecedented rise stands out amidst today's dynamic geopolitics, VP stated that with an expanding economy, effective diplomacy and growing soft power, the world looks to India for catalyzing affirmative ecosystem for peace. He described the IN-STEP course as a significant initiative in this direction.


Describing global peace and security as fundamental to growth, the Vice-President asserted that peace is best secured from position of strength. Ever preparedness for war is safest passage to peaceful environment, he added.

Noting that conflagrations in any part of the world impact global economy and supply chains beyond confronting nations, VP emphasized that Solution to such conflagrations lies in diplomacy and dialogue. Highlighting that “isolation approach is now a matter of the past” VP expressed the need for nations to engage in meaningful discourse in these turbulent times.


IN-STEP underscores our shared commitment to mutual dialogue and working in togetherness as the bedrock of effective policymaking and conflict resolution, he stressed. It may be noted that this program brings convergence of a rich tapestry of perspectives from the Indian Armed Forces, Paramilitary, Foreign Services, and representatives from 21 foreign countries.

Shri Rajit Punhani, Secretary, Rajya Sabha, Lt. Gen. SS Dahiya, Commandant, NDC and the participants of IN-STEP program were present.

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