Gender equality is quintessence to any equality; there can be no equality in society if there is no gender equality – Vice President

New Delhi
November 2, 2023

VP says gender equality has to be in substance, not in form
Passing of women reservation bill an epochal development; it will ensure that Bharat@2047 is on peak
Women in legislatures would help the governance in evolution of policies that would lead to the resolution of larger issues
“Women sacrifice a lot for their families, society & children”
“Giving justice to your gender is automatic justice to my gender” – VP to girl students
VP delivers Platinum Jubilee Address of Miranda House on "Role of Women in Indian Parliament”

The Vice President, Shri Jagdeep Dhankhar today emphasized that gender equality is quintessence to any equality and there can be no equality in society if there is no gender equality. He also said that this gender equality has to be in substance, not in form; and its manifestation has to be a ground reality.

The Vice President made these remarks while delivering the Platinum Jubilee Address of Miranda House on the topic - "Role of Women in Indian Parliament". In his speech, Shri Dhankhar highlighted that “the role of women in parliament is enormous, and that their presence by itself will surcharge the atmosphere in legislatures.”

Recognizing that women will be able to bring on the table their experiences worth the life they live through and the challenges they face, Shri Dhankhar asserted that “this would certainly help the governance in evolution of policies that would lead to the resolution of larger issues.”

Describing the passing of Nari Shakti Vandan Adhiniyam as an epochal development in history, VP said that “this is a great development which will ensure that Bharat@2047, when the nation celebrates the centenary of its independence, we’ll be on peak.” Mentioning that he selected 17 women parliamentarians to lead the Upper House when Rajya Sabha discussed the women reservation bill, VP called upon the girl students to never allow themselves to be on the back bench or the back foot. “The world belongs to you; the world has to be shaped by you. Today, Indian women are occupying the position of power in global institutions, making all of us very proud,” he added.

Referring to the election of the highest number of women parliamentarians in Lok Sabha in 2019 General Elections, Shri Dhankhar credited this success to various women empowerment initiatives by the Prime Minister over last years. Noting that the phenomenon of ‘Sarpanch Pati’ is largely gone, he said that now no one dares to occupy a seat meant for women representatives.

The Vice President noted that it is the women, who sacrifice a lot for their families, society, children & elders, and asserted that “giving justice to your gender is automatic justice to my gender.” He further added that, “This is because your gender exemplifies virtuosity, sublimity, & service. God has gifted you faculties that give you an opportunity to help others.”

Quoting Mahatma Gandhi, who said "As long as women in India do not take part in public life, there can be no salvation for the country," the Vice President said that today the dream of our Bapu is coming true.

Mentioning various initiatives by the government for women empowerment in recent years, Shri Dhankhar noted that “Girls are in combat positions in defense forces. Girls are getting admission to Sainik Schools now. You are the change, you are catalyzing the change.”

Talking about the Swachh Bharat Mission, he said that when the Prime Minister calls for toilets in every home, the focus is women, her dignity & her respect. Similarly, if gas connections are given to needy households, it's again the women who benefit most as she is the one who manages the kitchen & suffers tears in her eyes due to smoke. He also cited the example of Har Ghar Jal & Mudra schemes which are helping the cause of women empowerment in a big way. “Our Amrit Kaal, on account of the vision, passion, and mission of our Prime Minister has become our Gaurav Kaal,” he added.

Expressing happiness over India becoming the world’s fifth largest economy, VP said that the Indian economy’s rise is principally driven by women. He said that Bharat is on rise and this rise is unstoppable.

The Vice President said that some people are not able to digest India’s growth story, and called upon the students to reply to such elements. Your silence will not be in national interest, he asserted and asked them to be “proud citizens of Bharat and take pride in our Bharatiyata.” Repeating the PM's call for ‘vocal for local’, VP emphasized the importance of economic nationalism in the country's development and underscored that items like Diya, candle, kites, toys and curtains should not be imported.

Prof. Yogesh Singh, Vice Chancellor, University of Delhi, Prof. Balram Pani, Dean of Colleges, University of Delhi, Prof. Rajni Abbi, Chairperson, Governing Body, Miranda House & Proctor, University of Delhi, Prof. Bijayalaxmi Nanda, Principal, Miranda House, faculty members, students and other dignitaries were present on the occasion.

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