Sh. B.D.Jatti

Sh. B.D.Jatti
Name: Sh. B.D.Jatti
Father's Name Shri Danappa Jatti
Date of Birth September,10, 1912
Marital Status Married
Spouse's Name Shrimati Sangamma
Educational Qualifications B-A., LL.B

Position Held :

  • Member, erstwhile Princely State of Jamkhandi Legislature;
  • Chief Minister, Jamknandi State for three years;
  • Member, erstwhile Bombay Legislative Assembly;
  • Parliamentary Secretary to the Chief Minister and Minister, holding portfolios of Health & Labour, Government of Bombay State:
  • Member, erstwhile Mysore State Legislative Assembly, 1956 and 1967;
  • Chief Minister and Minister, holding portfolios of Finance and Food. Government of Mysore State, 1958-66;
  • Chairman, Land Reforms Committee, Mysore State;
  • Lt. Governor, Pondicherry, 1968-72;
  • Governor, Orissa, 1972-74:

Member of:

  • Vice-President of India and ex officio Chairman, Rajya Sabha, 31-8-1974 to 30-8-1979;
  • Acting President, 12-2-1977 to 24-7-1977.

Died on :

  • 07 June, 2002