Speech by Shri M. Venkaiah Naidu, Honourable Vice President of India at the Closing Ceremony of Haryana Swarna Jayanti Celebrations, at Hisar, Haryana on October 31, 2017.

Haryana | October 31, 2017

Honorable Governor, Honorable Chief Minister, Hon'ble Ministers, distinguished guests and respected friends.

The Golden Jubilee celebration held during the last one year on the occasion of completion of fifty years of establishment of Haryana is being concluded today. On this occasion, I wish all the citizens of the State a prosperous future.

2. The entire country is familiar with the cultural, spiritual and physical prosperity of Haryana. From the ancient era to the present, this land has a continuous and glorious history. This is the Dharm Kshetra, the Karma Kshetra. This virtuous land has provided the precious gift of Bhagvad Gita to the world.

3. I am delighted to know that the Haryana Government has kept the treasure of the Geeta alive. The State Government has been organizing the annual Geeta Festival. I have been told that on 25th November, Hon'ble President of India will inaugurate the Geeta Festival of Kurukshetra as well as an international seminar on Geeta at Kurukshetra University. I am happy to know that these events based on Geeta have gained popularity internationally. This year, Mauritius has been selected as a participant in the Geeta Mahotsav. It is a commendable step to give people of Indian origin an opportunity to emotionally connect with this holy land of their ancestors.

4. Friends, this land has been described in the Mahabharata as 'Bahudhanyak' (rich harvest) or 'Bahudhan' (Prosperity). In the last 50 years, Karmayogi citizens farmers, and entrepreneurs of Haryana have justified the name of the State as 'Bahudhanyak'. As a result of the collective efforts of all of you, today Haryana is the second largest contributor to central granary.

5. I am very happy that the State Government is making commendable efforts for development. On one hand, the literacy rate of Haryana has increased to 76.6 percent. Haryana's per capita income has also increased.

6. Traditionally, Haryana is known for its agricultural and milk products. The State Government is encouraging this traditional business in scientific and modern ways. With these efforts, Haryana's food grain production increased by almost 7 times compared to 1966. It is a matter of pride for Haryana that, despite having only 1.5 percent of the country's land, it constitutes 15 percent of the annual contribution to the country's granary.

7. The State Government has enhanced the minimum support price for grains, pulses and oilseeds in recent years, which is directly benefitting our hardworking farmers. In today's era of information and technology, it has become imperative that we take full advantage of this modern technology. I am happy to know that the Haryana Government has provided e-market facility to its farmers to sell their products. I hope that the State Government will run a comprehensive drive to give information to the farmers in this regard, which will be beneficial for them.

8. The whole country knows the achievements of Haryana in the field of Information Technology (IT). I'm proud of the fact that more than 100 Fortune 500 companies are present in Haryana. The IT related export of Haryana has played an important role in emergerce of India as an IT superpower. I am happy that the use of IT is also increasing at Panchayat level in Haryana. This will bring transparency in the activities of panchayats. E-Panchayat will help in implementing government programs smoothly. The State has implemented the 'Digital India' program on a large scale. About 200 services have been brought under 'Right to Service Act'. More than 100 e-services have been started. In addition, various services and facilities have been computerized. I hope that all these steps will help Haryana Government to provide good governance to its citizens.

9. It is a matter of pride that the two districts of the State, Karnal and Faridabad, have been selected by the Central Government under Smart City Scheme. Apart from this, the State Government is also developing Gurugram as a Smart City with its own resources. I hope that development of these districts under the Smart City scheme will also motivate other districts of Haryana to take advantage of this scheme.

10. I am also very happy that all the villages and cities of the state have been declared 'open-defecation free' (ODF). I hope that the Haryana Government and people of Haryana will make the national cleanliness drive of the Government of India a full-fledged campaign, so that a clean Haryana becomes a source of inspiration for the other States of the country.

11. Commendable efforts are being made for education in the State, especially the education of women and technical education. School education is being linked to vocational education. Under the 'make in Haryana - make in India' program, vocational education is being imparted in schools. Under this progress, establishment of world-class educational institutions is a laudable step to provide skill development and higher professional education. I hope that the State Government will ensure that the students passing out from these institutions establish self employment or get adequate employment.

12. I am told that the State Government has attached about 20 thousand graduate youth to various departments under the 'Saksham Yuva Scheme'. 100 hours of employment per month made available to these youth. Under this Scheme to provide employment to skilled youth in the State, it is necessary to make investments and business easier.

In 2016, Haryana was at the fifth place in the 'Ease of doing business' list. Your goal this year is to reach the second place. I am confident that with the steps taken by the Government in this direction, Haryana will be successful in achieving this goal.

13. Friends, the efforts of Haryana in the field of Women's Empowerment have been imitable. I am also happy to know that under the 'Beti Bachao-Beti Paatho' campaign, free education is being provided upto graduation in educational institutions. Agreement with UNDP has also been signed for skill development of women. For women's safety, steps like Women Bus Service and Women Police Stations have created a new awareness among women in the society.

14. Friends, on this occasion, I would also like to congratulate the women of Haryana, who, while facing huge odd circumstances, have got exemplary achievements in different fields of life, especially in the sports world.

15. Talking about contribution of Haryana in the building of the nation, the role played by the jawans of Haryana in national security cannot be ignored.

16. This golden jubilee celebration is just a milestone in the eternal journey of development. In the coming years, we all need to do utmost efforts to give strength to the development.

17. I wish Hariyali spreads in Haryana, life of the people become more prosperous, the Government bring better in the life of the poor by adopting the principles of Antyodaya. Clean air, clean water is always there for everyone. The Government of Haryana preserve the natural wealth. Promote agriculture and business. This Karmbhoomi spread the message of efficiency and hard work in the entire country. The dream of clean Haryana, prosperous Haryana is realized. This is my aspiration.

18. Today I am blessed to have been among all of you, for which I thank the State Government with heartfelt gratitude.

Jai Hind!