Speech by Shri M. Venkaiah Naidu, Honourable Vice President of India and Chairman, Rajya Sabha at the Cultural Event, organised by the Rajya Sabha Secretariat Employees Recreation Club, in New Delhi on November 02, 2017.

New Delhi | November 2, 2017

I am happy to be here with you all this evening. I am touched by the warm welcome extended to me. After assuming the Office of Chairman, Rajya Sabha, this is for the first time I am meeting you all in such a programme. I am thankful to the Secretary-General, Rajya Sabha, for his kind and gracious words. Indeed, it is my pleasure to come to this function and spend some time with you in this enlivening ambience.

I still remember that unfortunate day in December 2009, where our ordinary security employees of Rajya Sabha saved our Parliament from the deadly terror attack. I salute those brave people who have sacrificed their lives to save our lives and our democracy from the terror attack on Parliament.

My compliments to the Rajya Sabha Secretariat Employees Recreation Club for organizing this cultural evening and providing me a delightful opportunity to listen to Smt. Malini Awasthi live. I am sure, all of you are equally swayed by her magical rendition.

Friends, for the Vice-President, the ex-officio position of Chairman, Rajya Sabha is a unique constitutional arrangement. Personally for me, it is a very important function to preside over the Rajya Sabha and guide the course of its proceedings. With my long association with the Rajya Sabha in different capacities, I do have certain vision about the Rajya Sabha and its Secretariat.

I have had a couple of meetings with the senior officers of the Secretariat. During my interactions, I had outlined my priorities to make Rajya Sabha a well-functioning House, contributing to the task of nation building. I am sure each one of you, whatever position of responsibility you are in, will strive to contribute to your full potential for the productivity and growth of the institution.

Let us make an assessment of the areas where improvement can be made both in terms of functioning of the House and the Secretariat and identify the areas, which will require focused attention. I am sure, with the support and cooperation of all of you, we will find enduring solutions to all our concerns.

It is a matter of great pride for all of us to be part of this august institution and serving the supreme representative body of the world’s largest democracy. Our Parliament represents the hopes and aspirations of over a billion people. The legislations, policies and programmes deliberated in the Chambers of Parliament and also in the Committees shape the destiny of our people and our country. In the functioning of the Rajya Sabha, needless to say, the Rajya Sabha Secretariat has been rendering an invaluable service since its inception.

I have observed that the officers and staff of the Secretariat have always risen to the occasion and responded to the call of duty with sincerity and commitment. It is my sincere hope that you will maintain the high level of efficiency and continue to set new benchmarks of excellence in your work and output.

This evening, we witnessed the splendid performance of Smt. Malini Awasthi. In fact, I always enjoy such evenings. Music doesn’t need language. Relaxation through music and dance actually soothes our mind and elevates our spirit and helps us to perform better in a more productive way. I am sure, this enchanting cultural evening will rejuvenate us.

With these words, I once again thank the Secretary-General and the officers and staff of the Secretariat for organizing this beautiful cultural evening.

Thank you. Jai Hind!