Address by Shri M. Venkaiah Naidu, Honourable Vice President at the virtual inauguration of various buildings and infrastructural facilities in Nagaland from Dimapur, Nagaland on October 7, 2021.

Dimapur | October 7, 2021

“Sisters and brothers,
I am indeed very happy to be here with you in the beautiful state of Nagaland.
Inaugurating these buildings and complexes today, it gives me great pleasure to mark a milestone in the developmental journey of Nagaland.
I am happy to note that one of these complexes is the Office of Directorate of Information Technology & Communication, Kohima. This building will also house Nagaland’s first Software Technology Park and will have state of the art facilities to nurture the youth and make them successful entrepreneurs.
The government high school buildings I have inaugurated in various villages will contribute to the government efforts to improve primary and secondary education in Nagaland. These buildings we see today will be the foundations of the bright futures of the youth of Nagaland tomorrow.
Lastly, the Ministers Residential Complex, built in a sprawling 23 acres, will include the infrastructure necessary for the convenient functioning of the Government machinery.
My compliments to the state government and all the related offices that have worked to develop and operationalise this infrastructure.
I would also like to thank all of you for the warm welcome accorded to me here. Nagaland is synonymous with hospitality, friendliness and generosity of spirit. It is a pristine repository of rich cultural traditions and linguistic diversity.
I have always said that peace is an essential prerequisite for progress and prosperity. I am happy to note that today, Nagaland can proudly claim that all segments of society, comprising diverse tribes, are united in their belief to promote all-round development. I am certain that driven by a cohesive sense of purpose, the people of Nagaland will contribute to fast-tracking the progress of the state. We must work in the spirit of Team India to take the state, the region and the country to greater heights on all fronts.
The Union Government, on its part, is leaving no stone unturned to ensure the many-sided development of Nagaland. As you are indeed aware, the Union Government is focusing on infrastructure development in the North-Eastern Region in a big way. The Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi has highlighted, on multiple occasions, the Central government’s development thrust under the Act East Policy. As you will agree, this will in turn, transform all the eight states of the North-Eastern Region into engines of growth. Apart from tangible infrastructure such as rail, road, air and network connectivity, peace efforts in the North-Eastern Region have yielded fruit across various states.
The importance of improving connectivity and infrastructure in engendering development in the region cannot be overstated. On the one hand, Nagaland is known for its diversity, richness of handicrafts and agro-produce and its hardworking people. On the other hand, there is still a huge potential to be tapped in different sectors for giving a fillip to the all- round development of Nagaland. If all infrastructure projects can be fast-tracked on a priority basis, Nagaland will benefit greatly in the coming years.
Infrastructure development is vital to improve ease of living, enhance trade, improve schooling outcomes, health indicators, security situation and attract tourists to the State. Improving infrastructure has multiplier benefits for the economy.
Sisters and brothers,
In the recent Sustainable Development Goals- SDG India Index 2021, Nagaland has performed well on certain indices of development, while the state needs to work on other indicators. I am pleased to know Nagaland has done well on ‘gender equality’, ‘decent work and economic growth’, and ‘life on land’, among others. The fact that in Nagaland, crimes against women are the lowest in the entire nation, is laudable.
On the other hand, the state needs to improve upon indicators such as health and well-being, affordable and clean energy, sustainable cities and communities, industry and innovation and infrastructure. The state, as we know, has tremendous potential and I am certain that it will move up much higher in the overall ranking from its current position by 2030.
An important aspect of good governance is the timely and easy delivery of services. In the age of the internet when many other services are available to people on the click of a button, governance should not lag behind. We must ensure time-bound delivery of various services to the people in a seamless manner.
It is important to promote the use of digital technology and ensure complete transparency in the execution of various projects and implementation of our processes. There should be zero tolerance towards corruption as corruption is the enemy of people.
We must involve citizens in the delivery processes as Participatory governance mechanisms like social audits will go a long way in ensuring quality and accountability in the government schemes.
Before I conclude, I would like to point out that among the many sectors of the Indian economy, one sector performed well, even during the pandemic. With more than 4 percent growth, the pandemic has once again proved the hard working and resilient nature of our farmers. Hats off to them.
The recently inaugurated state soil testing laboratory at Kohima, funded by the Ministry of the North-Eastern Region, will greatly benefit the farmers of Nagaland. As a farmer from a village dependent primarily on agriculture, I am acutely aware of the role technology can play in making agriculture more rewarding and lucrative.
Agriculture plays a critical role in the economy of Nagaland. Farmers can make optimal use of the facilities provided by the soil testing laboratory to ensure that their farming activity yields beneficial dividends. It is heartening to note that Nagaland’s Coffee is making a name for itself and is being exported to other countries.
The North-Eastern region is rich with promise and potential in all fields. Once this potential is fully unlocked, the region will lead the way in scripting India’s growth story.
Once again, I am very happy to be here in Nagaland. I thank all of you for the warm welcome you have extended to me.
Jai Hind.”