Address by Shri M. Venkaiah Naidu, Honourable Vice President to the scientists and students at Jawaharlal Nehru Centre for Advanced Scientific Research (JNCASR) in Bengaluru on August 16, 2021.

Bengaluru | August 16, 2021

“It gives me great pleasure to be with all of you this morning and interact with some of the eminent scientists and young researchers of the country.  I am also pleased to lay the Foundation Stone of the “Innovation & Development Centre” of this institute, which will showcase its scientific breakthroughs.
I am happy to see the vast strides and impressive achievements made by this institute in the fields of interdisciplinary science and engineering research. In a span of 30 years, it has established itself as a leading scientific research centre with an excellent publication record.  I am told that many alumni of this institute are occupying important positions in academia and industry.
I am aware that the main focus of this institution, an autonomous institution and a deemed university, is to produce Ph.D. and Master of Science students.  I am happy to learn that it was ranked 4th among Universities and 11th in overall category for 2017 in NIRF rankings. 
I am pleased to know that this Centre’s research has received global attention and has been recognized both in the form of granted patents and fellowships to prestigious associations in the country and overseas.
I firmly believe that the research conducted by any institution should be relevant to society—be it academic or industrial. In this context, translational research assumes importance and I am glad to note that this institution has generated over 300 patents and promoted establishment of a few startups based on indigenous inventions.
It is heartening to see Prof. C N R Rao, who was nominated to the prestigious International Eni Award, 2020 for research into renewable energy sources & storage, continue to pursue research at this centre.  I believe, he will receive the award from the President of Italy in a few months from now. Congratulations Prof. Rao! You continue to inspire young scientists not only in India but all over the globe.
I am happy to learn that this Centre has built a network with other institutes of repute and established academic links with scientists from across the globe. The intellectual atmosphere will naturally get invigorated by the exchange of ideas and interactions with scientists from all over the world. The setting up of the regional office of the Third World Academy of Science is also a feather in the cap of this centre.
While this institute is known for conducting cutting-edge research in a wide range of areas, I would like to suggest to the scientists and researchers here to undertake research in new emerging areas of science like synthetic biology, computational biology, high performance engineering materials and artificial intelligence. 
If we talk about the global scenario, I find that this institute has made excellent impact on international arena by positioning itself among the top institutions in its areas of expertise. I hope it will continue to maintain its standing and continue on its quest for excellence making it one of the best Universities in the World.
Every scientist should strive to excel and innovate for improving the lives of the people. In other words, scientists should come up with out-of-the-box solutions to address various challenges faced by mankind from climate change to agriculture to health and medicine, among others.
This premier institute, which is in league with prestigious organizations like IISc, IITs and IISERs, can contribute immensely towards fostering scientific temper in the country and improving research outcomes. 
The National Education Policy 2020 will ensure that students have access to new teaching and learning strategies across all segments. This will create the right educational ecosystem and enrich their knowledge base as also honing their skill sets. A number of new IITs, IIMs, Central Universities and Skill Development Centres have come up across the length and breadth of the country in the last few years to achieve this objective.
I understand that the Government of India proposes to set up a National Science & Technology Research University bringing DST’s R&D institutes under its umbrella. I am happy to note that this institute is playing an active role in this regard.
My dear students,
I must say, you are quite fortunate to study here and carry out research on modern-day cutting-edge science and technology under the guidance of eminent scientists. Also, this sort of serene environment provides the right ambience for students to pursue research in their chosen field.   
Science is the backbone for the progress and technological advancement of any country. India is uniquely blessed with a huge demographic dividend with a young population.
The need of the hour is to inculcate scientific temper from a young age and promote world class scientific research that addresses societal problems.
Dear students,
You have embarked on an exciting career and you must leave no stone unturned to achieve your goals.
Please remember that there is no substitute to hard work. You must always strive to push the boundaries and never remain content or complacent with status quo.
You are among the privileged students who are receiving quality education. You should make optimum use of the opportunity you have got and shine like bright stars. With the knowledge and exposure received from this Centre, I am sure that you will contribute to national growth in a significant way.
I would also urge the faculty members to ensure a congenial atmosphere for students to study, explore and conduct research.
I am pleased to learn that this centre has been organizing science outreach programmes for the past two decades. I am told that the outreach has benefitted several hundreds of students and teachers of various educational institutions not only in Karnataka, but as far as Uttarakhand. I am happy to know that these programmes were conducted in online mode during the pandemic.
I would like to compliment the institute for the work done in connection with the COVID-19 pandemic situation and the steps initiated to promote few start-ups on indigenous activities in line with “Make in India” program.
I am also happy to note that “Innovation & Development” Centre (I&D) to promote incubations and translational research would host Start-Up companies initiated with in-house inventions.
I would like to once again compliment Prof CNR Rao for igniting young minds across the length and breadth of the country through his research and inspirational scientific lectures.
My best wishes to all the faculty members and students!