Address by Shri M. Venkaiah Naidu, Honourable Vice President of India on the occasion of 52nd Raising Day Ceremony, in New Delhi on December 01, 2017.

New Delhi | December 1, 2017

India’s First Line of Defence, Brave officers and jawans of BSF, sentinel family and media members, Ladies and Gentlemen,

  1. Today is of special significance not only for the Border Security Force, but for the whole country. Today the Border Security Force is celebrating its 52nd anniversary. On this, occasion, the nation congratulates all the members of Border Security Force. At the same time, the country also wishes that the way you have been protecting the borders for the last fifty two years and keeping the country safe by performing your duties, your that capacity may increase with each passing day.
  2. I am feeling fortunate to be among you all on this occasion. You invited me on this historic occasion and gave me an opportunity to see this grand parade of Border Security Force Day, for that I thank all the members including the DG, Border Security Force.
  3. I compliment all the parade parties for the spectacular performance of an exemplary discipline parade,
  4. Brave border sentinels, people of this country are proud of you. The way you have protected the boundaries of the nation for the last fifty two years by performing your duty with integrity is highly commendable. In the complex geographical environment like the snowy peaks of Kashmir, including the scorching sands of Rajasthan and the marshy area of the Rann of Gujarat, you stand firm on the borders even in most difficult of situations. Whether you face firing from across the border or other border crimes including smuggling of various goods, you are standing like steel in front of the enemies trying to harm our country. It would be fair to say that we go to sleep only when you are awake.
  5. Further, your vigilance at the borders and your counter-action against the enemies, raises the faith in the citizens of border villages about you and the country's security arrangements. Although the enemy is still not desisting from its nefarious intentions, even then, the manner in which you are constantly foiling their attacks is exasperating them.
  6. In the disaster management, including the duties during elections, riots etc., you are always there with the country with full preparedness. I am proud of the fact that human rights are respected in your duties because of which you are not accused of human rights violations.
  7. There is a paucity of time and to speak about your achievements and contributions in protecting the nation would require hours and hours. Your role in UN missions, your success in the sports arena and a wide range of social welfare programs make you distinct.
  8. The strategies by which you foiled the attack on your camp near Srinagar Airport in October, show your war-skills and strong intentions. Such actions have given a clear message to the terrorists that our Armed Forces and army are fully capable of dealing with them.
  9. As the DG, Border Security Force has informed, that working as the first defence line of the nation, 1856 border guards have made supreme sacrifice in the line of their duty. More than 2000 gallantry medals are recorded in this force's account. This sacrifice and this honor is the heritage of the nation which the country is proud of. We salute the forces that have made supreme sacrifice in the line of their duty.
  10. Brave guards of our borders, the government is constantly trying to modernize forces and make you powerful. The government is spending a heavy amount on the purchase of weaponries and your facilities. Many welfare schemes are also proposed. Work on some of these has been completed and some are under consideration. Sharmaji has told you about them. However, as a representative of the Government of India, I would like to assure you that the Government is taking all possible steps to make you stronger and for the welfare of you and your family.
  11. Our culture is very ancient. We never attacked any country in our history. We are very strong in our cultural heritage. Welfare of all human beings is our motto. It is our philosophy, it is our dharma. This is what we believe and what we practice. We do not face any problem with others. India wants to have good relations with all our neighbours. But, unfortunately one of our neighbours wants to create problems including intruding in our land. One of our neighbours is not taking any steps to tackle terrorism. Unfortunately, they fund and encourage it. The danger of terror is experienced by everyone on the globe. Entire world is aware of the evil consequences of the terrorism. But our neighbour is going ahead on that path.
  12. Terrorism has no caste, no religion. There is nothing like good or bad terrorist. Terrorist is a terrorist. He is enemy of the mankind. Entire world has to understand this and try to resolve it by stringent actions by the United Nations.
  13. If there is a tension on the boarder, there will not be any attention on development. Peace is required to take development and good governance forward in the country.
  14. Sentinel friends, I salute your sense of duty, bravery and loyalty. The country knows that your life is difficult, your paths are thorny and your life is a saga of penance and sacrifice. This sacrifice of yours provides immense peace to millions of countrymen and gives pace to the development of the country. On behalf of the country, I assure you while you perform your duties selflessly, the country will perform its duty towards you.

Thank You, Jai Hind!