Address by Shri M. Venkaiah Naidu, Honourable Vice President of India at an event to flag-off CCI Car Rally for Parliamentarians, organised by the Constitution Club of India, in New Delhi on December 16, 2018.

New Delhi | December 16, 2018

“At the outset, let me compliment the Constitution Club of India for organising a car rally to promote awareness on road safety.

I am happy to know that CCI Rally is being organised every year to promote the noble cause of responsible driving and to pay tributes to all those who lost their lives in road accidents, including ministers and MPs. My deepest condolences to the bereaved families.

Every year, road accidents are claiming over one lakh lives—a staggering number. And in most cases, those who die in these mishaps are youngsters. These tragedies which cause deep anguish and pain in the minds of the family members and friends of the accident victims are totally avoidable and require basic precautions to be taken.

Negligence, over-speeding, disobeying traffic rules, drunken driving and bad roads are the reasons for most road accidents.

These types of rallies are essential to create awareness and promote road safety. Road safety campaigns should be launched in all high schools and colleges. The media, particularly electronic media should be used to highlight the importance of safe driving and perhaps the services of well-known public personalities, icons in the fields of art culture sports etc could be sought for promoting these campaigns.

We need to adopt “SAFE” principles to prevent road accidents:
S- Speed in limit
A- Awareness spread
F- Follow traffic rules
E- Empathise with the victims

The fuel filling stations should also be used to disseminate the information. We need to think innovatively to ensure that more and more people, particularly the youngsters implement road safety measures. Stipulations like wearing helmets and seat belts must be implemented strictly and effectively.

Faulty road designs and frequent accident prone zones should be identified and adequate precautionary measures must be taken to prevent road accidents.

Scientific management of traffic, smart policing and stringent punishment to rules violators will aid ensuring better behavior on roads.

Thus the mantra to be practiced is ‘ Educate and Enforce’ to promote safe driving. Educate the citizens about traffic rules and responsible driving and then enforce the rules in the most stringent manner. We as a society have the collective responsibility to spread the awareness about road safety.

It is also important to ensure the safety of pedestrians. Footpaths have virtually disappeared from our bustling cities and there is a need to develop exclusive pedestrian zones. Those encroaching gthe walkers zone should be penalized.

Post accident response system should be robust and very responsive.

I would like to congratulate MP and Secretary of CCI Shri. Rajiv Pratap Rudy and Dr. Raghupati Singhania, CMD of JK Tyre Industries for their constant support to road safety campaigns.

I would also like to compliment the MPs and other eminent personalities who came to support this noble cause and promote safe driving.

Keeping the roads safe and bringing down accidents on the road is also the vision of our Honourable Prime Minister Shri. Narendra Modi and he has spoken at length in his 'Mann Ki Baat' on this aspect.

All the citizens of India should ensure that his vision is fulfilled and we should strive to make India the country with least number of road accidents in the world.

I would like to once again compliment all of you for organising this important rally.