Address by Shri M. Venkaiah Naidu, Honourable Vice President of India after releasing the Book Ashok Singhal: Staunch and Perseverant Exponent of Hindutva, authored by Shri Shri Mahesh Bhagchandka, in New Delhi on December 07, 2017.

New Delhi | December 7, 2017

"Today we are recalling a sacred soul. As ever popular organizer Ashok Singhal ji is a timeless source of inspiration. We believe that as Shri Singhal has dedicated his 75 years for the society and the country, the future generation of India will certainly be benefitted from the outcome of the sacrifice and devotion. His life is testimony to the co-existence of contradiction. He was a student of knowledge, science and Engineering but he spent more time at reflecting on the banks of river Ganga than at laboratory. He was concerned about religion, society and culture. He used to be perpetually active associating himself with the Sakha of Sangh for imbibing self-enhancement and self-discipline in the life.

In his adolescence, instead of thinking of himself, he took part in Quit India Movement with a terror to fight against the tyranny of the English. Young Ashok wanted that maximum people from the Muslim community should also participate in non-cooperation movement. Despite being asked by some people in Congress to join the freedom struggle under leadership of Gandhi, he chose to side with Dr. Hedgewar's Rashtriya Sweyamsevak Sangh. Ashok ji is a great person who dedicated his entire life for the cause of Sangh.

Shri Ashok fearlessly fought against all the adversities that came in his life and carved out a new path and established his unique and distinct identity amidst the crowd will authenticity. He has always been at the forefront in the movement to bear the blows of stick and bullets and he cared equally for ordinary volunteers to special ones as head of the family. Ashok Singhal is an exceptional and inspiring personality for all of us. His conduct and philosophy shall always instill inspiration, energy, enthusiasm into all of us.

The book 'Ashok Singhal: Staunch and Perseverant Exponent of Hindutva' authored by Mahesh Bhagchandka is based on the persona and work of Shri Ashokji and it introduces us will various aspects of his life. I would like to show some of them:

  1. Shri Ashok was a Sadhak and an ascetic. Shri Ashok had taken a resolution of protecting society, country, religion and author in his student life itself.
  2. After having Heart Attack Shri Ashok became more resolved and committed. Shri Ashok who was devoted to society, country and religion with hs heart and soul had a major heart attack during Guru Dakshina Programme in Kanpur at the residence of Barister Narendra Jeet Singh in the year 1962. The made him decide that this life will be sacrificed now for the society and the country. Because of this resolution he remained in favour of discipline and chastity in the matters of religion and spirituality.
  3. When he was threatened to move out of home, he took it as a source of inspiration, he took it as a source of inspiration. After he topped the exam in Mining Engineering from BHU, when young Ashok told his father Shri Mahavir Singh that he wants to become full-time Pracharak and associate himself with the service of the nation, his administrative officer father became stunned. He persuaded him, threatened him and even told him to get out of house. But when he realized that he cannot deter Shri Ashok from his will, interests and resolution, he gleefully blessed is son to become a son of mother India with heart, soul and wisdom.
  4. Shri Ashok ji used to take inspiration from Chandra Shekhar Azaad and his associate and elder brother.
  5. Shri Ashok ji was a great connoisseur of music. Shri Ashok's firing and vivid personality looked revolutionary from outside but his innerself was very selfless and soft. He had great knowledge of music.

Overall, the author Mahesh Bhagchandka in his book 'Ashok Singhal: Staunch and Perseverant Exponent of Hindutva' has worn the events linked with the personality and lifestyle of Shri Ashok Singhal, the exponent and Sadhak of Hinduism, with authenticity and has presented as an inspirational document for the Hindus in India as well as all across the world.

Infinitely, this scripture centered on Shri Ashok Singhal, the immortal carrier of Indian Sanatan values and Hindu culture will work as a source of energy and inspiration for the young generation of the country as well as the talented youths of Indian-origin across the world.

On the pious occasion, infinite salutes to the sacred memorial of stellar figure of Hindutve late Shri Ashok Singhal.
Jai Hind!"