Address by Shri M. Venkaiah Naidu, Honourable Vice President at the 6th convocation ceremony of PES University in Bengaluru on November 15, 2021.

Bengaluru | November 15, 2021

“Sisters and brothers,
I am very pleased to be here with you for the sixth convocation of PES University today.
I congratulate all graduating students for achieving an important milestone in their lives. I also compliment all teachers, parents and university administration whose hard work and support have enabled the students to successfully reach this important academic landmark in their careers.
I hope the passing out students will remember the words of Mahatma Gandhi ji who said that “the aim of university education should be to turn out true servants of the people.”
This ‘spirit of service’ is what is needed most today. Our ancient sages said - लोकः समस्ताः सुखिनो भवन्तु – Let the entire world be happy. You should move ahead in life with these great ideals in mind.
Dear students,
India has a glorious past in the field of education. Our ancient universities like Takshashila and Nalanda attracted students from many other countries and it is estimated that more than 10,000 students studied under various disciplines at Nalanda. Yoga and Meditation have been India’s valuable contributions to world culture, duly celebrated by the UN as International Yoga Day on June, 21 of every year.
Today, the 4th industrial revolution is knocking at our door and it is driven by the knowledge economy and cutting-edge technological innovations. We cannot afford to miss this opportunity and our higher educational institutions must equip our youth with 21st-century skills.
I am happy to note that NEP-2020 aims to transform and reorient the higher educational institutions of the country towards the challenges of the knowledge economy. There is an urgent need to align our university classrooms to the emerging global trends such as 5G based technologies which find applications in a wide range of areas including agriculture, medical, administrative, commerce and industrial management.
I am happy to know that PES University is focusing on training the students in modern areas such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, 5G technologies, robotics and biotechnology.
It is commendable that two satellites have been built and launched by the students and staff of PES University in association with DRDO and ISRO. That PES University is the second university in the country after IIT Bombay to achieve this spectacular feat speaks of your prowess in cutting-edge research.
I heartily congratulate Prof. M.R. Doreswamy and all the PES University staff/students for this singular contribution which makes the State and Country proud.
The government has brought in far-reaching reforms in the Space sector aimed at boosting private sector participation in space activities. I would urge our private institutions and universities to make the best use of this opportunity and to work towards making India self-reliant and technologically advanced in the space sector.
Drone technologies are another emerging area that offers tremendous benefits to almost all sectors of the economy including agriculture, surveillance, transportation, defence, and law enforcement. The drone services industry is expected to generate over five lakh jobs in the next three years and India with its traditional strengths in innovation, IT and frugal engineering has the potential of becoming a global drone hub in the coming decade. We must focus our attention on creating skilled manpower for this sector. I am happy to know that PES University is actively considering starting courses on Drone Technology. In fact, all our higher education institutions and universities should be alive to national needs and they must review and align their existing courses to the emerging global trends or start new courses in tune with them.
In the 21st century, the global economy is dominated by knowledge-related activities. India aims to become a multi-trillion dollar economy by 2050 and NEP-2020 sets a target of at least 50% of this to come from knowledge-related activities and skills. Technological Universities have a special role to play in transforming India into a knowledge power.
I appreciate that PES University has built a robust and vibrant research culture and in a short span of five years, more than 600 research papers have been published and a total of 24 patents have been filed by the university.
I would suggest our universities lay more emphasis on implementable patents under Intellectual Property rights (IPR) rather than academic patents to give a fillip to economy and industry. India urgently needs to adopt a multidisciplinary approach to R&D and we must also strengthen industry-institute linkages for better research outcomes.
I find that many technical books used by engineering students in India are published by foreign authors. It would be good if our learned academicians could promote knowledge economy by authoring books of global standards on contemporary themes. I say so because Indian authors can better contextualize the engineering course content with regard to Indian socio-economic conditions. This would be helpful for the young students as they would be able to better understand and find solutions to the many problems faced by rural India, farmers and other underprivileged groups in the society. We must also strive to create study material in Indian languages for the benefit of our students.
Similarly, indigenous publication of academic journals is also called for to retain copyright and ownership of knowledge generated in this country, which otherwise is likely to be transferred to the international journals in which our research papers get published.
Dear friends,
Socially Relevant Research and Technologies are the need of the hour. In their journey towards excellence, universities also need to address nationally relevant and globally sensitive issues. In recent times, two such issues are demanding global attention viz., Climate change and Sustainable Development. Technological Universities and National institutes have an obligation to participate in these globally prioritized issues. We frequently read news reports about increasing pollution in Indian cities; I would urge our educational institutions to come up with technological solutions to such pressing problems faced by society.
I have been told that PES University is actively engaged in various socio-economic developmental projects in the state and country. You have adopted more than 40 government schools for development in Bangalore city and rural districts. I understand that this university is also involved in organizing medical camps, skill training of school dropouts and COVID relief work. I compliment you for this.
My dear young friends,
While you move on the path of academic excellence, it is equally important that you take care of your health by undertaking regular physical activity like yoga or cycling. You should adopt a healthy lifestyle and avoid sedentary habits and unhealthy diets like junk food. Our ancestors have prescribed us a rich variety of foods according to our climatic and bodily needs, and we must always try to eat properly cooked traditional food for our physical and mental well-being.
Dear students, always remember that the qualities of discipline, dedication and determination are very important to progress in life. Dream high, aim high and work hard -- this is my mantra to success.
I am glad that PES University has made significant accomplishments in its journey towards excellence under the enlightening mentorship by Chancellor Prof. M.R. Doreswamy.
I am told that in recognition of his eminence, Karnataka Government invited Prof. Doreswamy to be its Adviser, Education Reforms and his 18 recommendations to the government have laid a robust plan of action for implementing the NEP in the State.
I hope that PES University will scale new heights of academic excellence in the coming years and continue to work towards national development.
I take immense pleasure in wishing the very best to all the graduating students in pursuit of excellence in their professional lives ahead.