Address by Shri M. Venkaiah Naidu, Honourable Vice President at the 3rd and 4thConvocation ceremony of IIM Jammu, in Jammu on April 09, 2021.

Jammu | April 9, 2021

“I am very pleased to be here with all of you at the 3rd and 4th Convocation Ceremony of the Indian Institute of Management Jammu, the youngest among all 20 IIMs across the country.
Like any young institution, IIM Jammu has the advantage of learning from the best practices in other IIMs as well as the possibility to carve out its own unique identity.
I am happy to note that IIM Jammu has set its sights high.  The Board of Governors, the Director and the distinguished faculty members have made a firm commitment to deliver quality education, provide opportunities for high quality research and establish valuable international linkages.
Sisters and brothers,
Jammu & Kashmir has been and will continue to be an integral part of India. We are committed to the overall development and addressing all the challenges unitedly. Any external interference in India’s internal affairs is unwarranted.
Jammu and Kashmir like other parts in our country has been an important centre of education since ancient times. This is the land of Patanjali who gave the gift of Yoga to the world. This was the land where aesthetics got a new idiom in the works of Anandavardhana.  This was the land where Lalleswari and Habba Khatoon mesmerized audience with their poetry. We must continue to enrich that rich culture of learning and the culture of innovation.
We must make quality education the spring board of development.
India, today, is at crossroads.  We have firmly resolved to take the path of sustainable, inclusive development.  Certainly, education is at the heart of this transformation. 
We need to build a vibrant, resurgent India that capitalizes on its traditional strengths and moves forward by absorbing the best in the world.
Sisters and brothers,
I am glad to note that IIM Jammu is well poised to contribute significantly to this resurgence. The institute has shown great promise with exponential growth over the years. This convocation is a significant milestone for this institution and the students who are graduating. I congratulate the students of the Master of Business Administration (MBA) programme on completing their course successfully.
I would also like to congratulate Prof. B.S. Sahay, Director, IIM Jammu, and the faculty members, who have done their utmost to create congenial learning environment for students and equip them with knowledge, skills and attitudes that will stand them in good stead in their future endeavours. I would also like to commend the parents who have encouraged and motivated their children to succeed in their academic pursuit.
Dear graduating students,
You are reaping the reward of your two years of hard work and dedication, which has brought this proud moment for you and all others associated with you.
The world of immense opportunities and intense challenges awaits you.  The knowledge and skills you have acquired and the values you have imbibed will enable you to successfully navigate a complex world.
There is a whole new world of work and constant learning that promises an exciting voyage of discovery for each one of you.

My dear friends,

While you are going through your journey, you will realize that India is also undergoing a significant transformation. With fast-tracked development over recent years, our country is making great strides to fulfill the aspirations of our people. The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has brought many challenges, but it did not break our spirit. It has only prompted us to work harder and reach our national goals.
You would have read in the newspapers two days ago that IMF has raised its GDP growth forecast for our country during the coming financial year from 11.5% to 12.5% making India one of the fastest growing major economies.  This is truly heartening.  This speaks volumes about our resilient spirit and inherent strengths.
The biggest resource and partner for our country in this exciting journey of development is youth, like yourselves. Endowed with immense demographic dividend, we have the potential to achieve anything.
But for us to leverage the potential, we much enrich our human resources.  Young people have to be motivated, adequately trained, and be fit and healthy.
Skill development and quality education are crucial development accelerators. 
We, as a nation, must focus on them and work consistently to enhance access to education and improve the quality of education. 
This is the underlying theme of the National Education Policy, 2020. 
I am happy that considerable progress has been achieved over the recent years, in our country with reforms in higher education, establishment of new national institutes, development of ranking framework and easing of FDI in education.
I am hopeful that, with the implementation of the comprehensive and visionary Education Policy, education in India can truly become holistic, child-centered and globally-competitive.
Sisters and brothers,
In addition to the above initiatives, we must push harder to make our higher education more in line with the realities of the world.
Industry-institute linkages must be further strengthened. Only through solving real-world problems can the students become adept at the fundamentals of their subjects. Our industry will greatly benefit too, from the fresh perspectives young minds can offer.

Our educational institutions too have to be quick on their feet to anticipate the future trends that might evolve as the nation recovers from the pandemic. The world of learning and the world of work are changing very rapidly and institutes such as yours need to be ever alert, ever agile. You should be able to adapt, evolve and respond to situations that have never before been faced by mankind.

In the course of this pandemic, we have realised both the necessity and potential of technology in delivering education.  We must ensure that technological tools are used extensively and prudently.  We should also make sure that the existing digital divide doesn’t get widened. The most remote areas and most underprivileged students should be enabled to benefit from this technological revolution.

National institutes like IIM Jammu must become innovative in the courses they offer. Based on market realities and new demands of the fourth industrial revolution, they must offer diplomas and minor degrees that bring diverse fields like agriculture, business, technology, humanities and management together. This is the spirit of the multidisciplinary push of the New Education Policy.

Remember, we cannot solve the problems of the future with the same superficial, segregated approach of the past.

We need to develop a mindset that encourages innovation, an institutional reform that fosters creativity and promotes excellence.

Dear students,
As future managers, you have to respond to a world that is changing very rapidly.  Your ability to take decisions in an uncertain world, your agility to adapt to new contexts will become very crucial.

As you try to excel in your fields and go about solving problems, your success will depend on your ability to assimilate information, analyze evidence and experiment with possible solutions. 

Your active interaction with key stakeholders and respect for other’s views can broaden your own horizons. 

The bottom line ultimately is not only maximizing profit but also maximizing happiness and enhancing the quality of lives.
I am confident that each and every one of you has the capability to contribute towards the growth of our country and be a catalyst in bringing about a positive change in society.
Some of you will enter the corporate world, some of you will be with the government or academia. Some of you will set up enterprises. Whatever you may choose to do, please try to be among the best.  Let excellence be your watchword.
If you keep listening and learning, as aspiring entrepreneurs, managers and consultants, you will identify innovations that might work at the grass roots. Bring your expertise to achieve scale for these indigenous solutions. You can bring in technology to complement traditional skills of our craftsmen. You can help farmers increase farm productivity and get better returns. You can work with farmers in improving the marketing of farm produce. e-NAM is a great tool for better price realization. This should be further scaled up and new innovations be brought into post-harvest facilities.
I am hopeful that each one of you can lead this change process, a change that makes ‘tomorrow’ better than ‘today’.
Sisters and brothers,
In the end, I wish you all a professionally rewarding career, good health, and success in all your endeavours.
I am confident that the Institute has given you a sound base to move forward. 
As you advance in your career and gain further competence, I also hope that each one of you will remember your social responsibility and commitment to building a happy, prosperous, and equitable India.
I compliment the management and the Director as well as the faculty members for their commitment to the cause of quality education.  I am hopeful that in the next few years, IIM Jammu will be among the best management institutes in the country.
Thank you.

Jai Hind!”