Address by Shri M. Venkaiah Naidu, Honourable Vice President at the 33rd convention of Quality Circle Forum of India in Hyderabad on August 29, 2019.

Hyderabad | August 29, 2019

"I am delighted to be present here in Hyderabad today to inaugurate the 33rd convention of Quality Circle Forum of India. I was told that QCFI was formed as a non-profit body and registered under the Society Act, for the purpose of educating and training grass-root level employees for self and mutual development.
I was told that over 1000 participants are attending this convention and over 200 improvement projects are being presented in the convention here. My congratulations to all the participants and I wish them all a very fruitful and mutually beneficial event.
I am glad to know that Hyderabad Chapter is one of the oldest chapters of QCFI and was inaugurated by Late Shri N.T.Rama Rao, the former Chief minister of Andhra Pradesh in 1986.  Shri P.S. Rama Mohan Rao, former Governor of Tamil Nadu, is the founder Chairman of QCFI Hyderabad Chapter.
I am told that the primary thrust area of QCFI is to train grass root level employees to identify the chronic problems encountered in their work areas, analyse and find solutions by applying simple statistical problem-solving tools.
The underlying idea is that every individual has an intelligence of his own and when properly channelized, this can be used for creative and productive purposes. The quintessence of QCFI is to harness the unused potential hidden in every individual.
I was told that QC philosophy helps to respect humanity and build a happy workplace. It also helps in improving productivity and communication between employees and the management.
I am delighted that the QC teams present here are showcasing their improvement projects, which had enormously benefited their organizations. We need to create a culture of innovation and give a huge thrust to programmes like ‘Make in India’.
For creating a culture of innovation, it is important to tap the collective potential of multi-disciplinary teams, encourage those around you to build on the ideas of others and lead in a way that multiplies the capabilities of everyone in your organization.  Those at the top should provide this kind of leadership.
Problems can be solved individually and also by working together. Perhaps working together can provide better results. Organizations must create an enabling environment to bring out the innate potential of every person to solve problems and not accept the status quo.
Promoting team spirit, encouraging new ideas, empowering employs to express their opinions freely would help everybody.
An organization can make important value additions to a product or service by giving importance to the feedback given by the customers.
Dear sisters and brothers,
An important aspect of the fast-paced, modern day lifestyle is the need to ensure work-life balance. Stress has become all pervasive and is affecting people’s health and personal life. Not having adequate time for oneself is not the ideal thing. One should find adequate time to spend with the family. Also, it is important to make  yoga and meditation a part of one’s daily schedule.
A healthy lifestyle, including proper dietary habits, is a must for a happy life.
While one cannot tolerate negligence, indiscipline or irresponsibility at work place, it is also the responsibility of an organization to ensure that the atmosphere does not jeopardize the personal life of employees.  Ensuring a healthy work life to employees must become the key focus of organizations along with achieving their own profits.
It is also important to engage our young and dynamic workforce in social service activities. In fact, I feel that a code of Professional Social Responsibility on the lines of Corporate Social Responsibility should be adopted by various professions, including doctors, lawyers, chartered accountants and others to take up specially focused activities to help the marginalized and downtrodden sections.
One must realize that country cannot make progress unless and until each and every section of the society is made partner in India’s growth story.   
The 5S Concept of Sort, Straighten, Shine, Standardize and Sustain is aimed at improving overall efficiency at work place. This concept if implemented in true spirit in the industries, schools, hospitals, banks, colonies and house can pave the way for “Swatch Bharath”.
To make Quality a way of life, it should be introduced in schools and colleges.
An education in quality concepts can help foster lateral thinking and prepare students for the work place of future.
By inculcating lateral thinking, the students acquire ability to come up with need-based solutions to a given problem by thinking out of box.
The “Performance Stress” among student to acquire higher ranks will be greatly reduced by participating in group activities. To be successful in workplace, students should focus on team building and communication skills.
I urge the State Government and QCFI Hyderabad Chapter to take this work on a very large scale in Schools and Colleges for the benefit of our future generation.  I am sure that it would also help in accelerating “Make in India”. It is extremely important for the products manufactured in India to meet the highest quality standards.
I am happy that QCFI has empowered and trained the professionals of our industry at all levels and helped in creating an effective work force that is helping the nation make rapid strides and helping the economy to grow.
Finally, before concluding, I would like to call upon all political parties to evolve a code of conduct for their public representatives at all levels from panchayats to Parliament. There is also a need to raise the quality of public discourse in the country.
My best wishes for all the future endeavours of the QCFI.