Vice President Greets the Nation on the joyous occasion of the 70th Republic day of India.

New Delhi
January 25, 2019

I convey my warm greetings and best wishes to all fellow citizens on the joyous occasion of the 70th Republic day of India.

Today we celebrate our sovereignty and integrity with great zeal. On this day we remember with profound gratitude, those freedom fighters whose selfless sacrifices lead to the birth of this great republic.

Our constitution is not just a book of laws; it is a talisman, a scripture that forms the very foundation on which this great nation is built and governed.

To this day, our constitution remains our guiding light and our moral compass.

Our unwavering faith in the principles equality, liberty, fraternity and justice for all has sustained and nourished this vibrant democratic republic over the last 70 years.

On this republic day, let us renew our solemn pledge to build a strong, confident, peaceful, economically prosperous, socially progressive and culturally vibrant Nation.

Let us do our best to contribute to building a peaceful, prosperous and compassionate world and realize the ideal of Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam.

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