Success of Indian diaspora due to Indian values of assimilation and inclusivity, says Vice President of India

New Delhi
January 9, 2018

Shri M.Venkaiah Naidu asserts Indian nationalism is about taking pride in upholding such values;

says occasional aberrations do not dent the core Indian values

Biggest challenge to world order is terrorism; it has no basis in any religion: VPI

The Vice President of India, Shri M.Venkaiah Naidu has asserted that the success of the Indian diaspora in different parts of the world is a clear reflection of the strength of the Indian values of assimilation and inclusivity. Shri Naidu said so in his Key Note address at the Valedictory Session of the first ever PIO-Parliamentarians Conference held here today.

Lauding the success of the over three crore Persons of Indian Origin (PIO) across the world, Shri Venkaiah Naidu said, “The presence of such a large number of elected representatives of Indian origin in legislatures of such a large number of countries from across the world goes beyond the symbolism of the expanding horizons of the influence of India in the global scheme of things. In my considered view, it is a clear reflection of the strength of the Indian values of inclusivity and assimilation, nurtured and consolidated over the centuries since ancient times”.

Shri Naidu further said, “This land of ours had assimilated in its fold over the centuries a large variety of people who came here for a variety of reasons including for learning, commerce and trade, religious propagation and even invaders. Every such encounter had further enriched the syncretic nature of our traditional values and ethos. The inhabitants of the motherland of India and those who have roots here can be genuinely proud of such time-tested values which constitute the principle of unity of mankind”.

Elaborating further, the Vice President noted, “When we talk of Indian Nationalism, we refer to the pride that is associated with such inclusive humanism, which is native to this land. Some deviant words and deeds of some misguided persons can in no way dent the quality and strength of the core values of our motherland”.

Shri Naidu asserted that while the citizens take pride in the spirit of Indian nationalism that unites the people of different social and religious hues cohabiting in the country, Persons of Indian Origin (PIO) imbibe and uphold the ethos and values of those countries which again is a manifestation of the spirit of ‘assimilation’ which is at the heart of core Indian values.

Shri Naidu said the biggest challenge to world order today is terrorism and we must build a global consensus to fight the menace. “All of us must recognise terrorism as a threat to humanity and take concerted action to curb it. Unfortunately, some people are clothing terror in the garb of religion but, in fact, terrorism has no basis in any religion of the world,” he said.

The Vice President said the Indian diaspora, which is the second largest such community in the world has contributed enormously to strengthening India’s cultural, literary, political and economic bonds across the world. He urged them to contribute in an appropriate manner to the ongoing efforts to build a New India. He referred to the story of a little squirrel contributing its bit to the making of a bridge across the sea for Rama to reach Lanka.

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