Bahudha approach can lead us our quest for peace and harmony: Vice President Releases Book The 21st Century Geopolitics, Democracy and Peace

New Delhi
October 30, 2017

The Vice President of India, Shri M. Venkaiah Naidu has said that the Bahudha approach is yet another shining star that can lead us our quest for peace and harmony. He was addressing the gathering after releasing the Book ‘The 21st Century Geopolitics, Democracy and Peace’ authored by former Governor of Sikki, Shri B.P. Singh, here today. The Governor of Jammu and Kashmir, Shri N.N. Vohra and other dignitaries were present on the occasion.

The Vice President complimented Shri Singh for penning this book, which is highly relevant in the context of increasing globalization, growing terrorism and unprecedented technological advances. He further said that it indeed deals with a wide range of issues that are increasingly affecting an inter-dependent globalised world and strongly advocates that it would be ideal if we can adopt a ‘Bahudha’ approach which emphasizes the need for a dialogue to promote a harmonious and peaceful living.

The Vice President said that issues touched upon in the book include the role of educational institutions, progressive religious and social groups, forums for inter-faith dialogue and international institutions like the United Nations. It makes a strong case for promoting moral values, empathy and compassion and channelizing energies towards peace and development, he added.

The Vice President said that other interesting chapters are ‘Democracy and its Consequences’ and ‘Good Governance: A Narrative from Democratic India’. He further said that in the chapter, ‘The Emerging World: Challenges and Possibilities’, Mr. Singh quite correctly says that the future of peace and harmony in the 21st century would be directly linked to (i) ecology, global warming and climate change; (ii) nuclear weapons, emerging technology of warfare and continuing arms race among nation-states; (iii) geopolitics and nationalism; (iv) religious extremism and (v) poverty and inequality.

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