Speech of the Honourable Vice President of India Sri M Venkaiah Naidu On 33rd NSG Raising Day Celebrations held At NSG Campus, Manesar, Haranya on 16th October 2017.

Manesar, Haryana | October 16, 2017

Shri Sudhir Pratap Singh, Director General, National Security Guard, Officers and my brave ‘Black Cat’ Commandos.

I am delighted to be part of the 33rd Raising Day Celebrations of the National Security Guard. At the outset, I pay homage to the 19 Brave Martyrs of NSG, who made the supreme sacrifice in the line of duty, thereby upholding the highest traditions of valour and sacrifice.

NSG is a specially-trained, highly skilled and hugely motivated force, tasked with multifarious responsibilities. Be it counter terrorist or counter hijack operations or protection of persons with high threat perception, you have always risen to occasion to ward off the challenges. The entire nation is proud of your achievements. NSG has footprints all over the country and the coming up of the Special Composite Group at Gandhinagar, bears testimony to the fact that the operational reach of NSG has further enhanced.

The National Security Guard is synonymous with bravery, professionalism and extreme dedication. I am certain that all of you must be proud to be a part of this special force, as the nation and people always look to you with awe, hope and trust and feel assured of their safety and well being. This confidence comes from the fact that NSG has delivered results by overcoming all odds, irrespective of the magnitude and the spectrum of challenge.

Over the last 33 years, you have successfully handled several terrorist and hijack situations. The country will always remember your defining role in Akshardham, Mumbai and Pathankot attacks. NSG accepted the challenge and neutralized the grave threat, performing its tasks with great professional elan.

In recent years, terrorist incidents have increased world over and some of the attacks have occurred at places which never experienced such events and perhaps least expected them. Those are the key words—least expected them. That’s how terrorists thrive and try to create mayhem by surreptitiously attacking at unsuspecting places and people. Hence, eternal vigilance is the price of liberty.

It is indeed ironical that as mankind progresses with the aid of technology, terrorists too come up with ways of using it for destroying lives and liberty of the people. The lone wolf attacks and the use of vehicles to mow down people in London, Barcelona and France reflect the need for mounting a heightened surveillance in public places to prevent recurrence of such incidents.

You are all aware that India is facing the menace of terrorism for the past three decades. We have always given a befitting reply to such anti-national elements.

However, recently, there has been a paradigm shift in the modus operandi of our adversaries, wherein the threat is not limited only to border areas, but has manifested in the hinterland also. This requires constant reviewing and enhancement of our operational capabilities.

To this effect, we all must remain committed to embracing the latest technology and develop specialist skills, with an aim to upgrade and hone our operational preparedness.

There is thus a dire need to constantly review, improve tactics and innovate and update strategy to always stay ahead in the game. In other words, to defeat the evil designs of terrorists both men and machines have to outsmart them.

Towards this end, the advancements that you have made in surveillance, firepower and developing counter UAV capabilities are indeed praiseworthy and laudable.

I feel the time has come for the international community to launch a concerted effort to isolate States which are sponsoring terrorism. There is nothing like good terrorists and bad terrorists. Terrorism knows no religion or boundaries and nobody should be allowed to get away with acts of violence in the name of ideology.

I fervently appeal to the United Nations to see the conclusion of a comprehensive convention on suppression of international terrorism, the proposal for which from India is pending since 1996.

It is extremely heartening to see NSG taking giant strides not only in ensuring its own progress but also carrying out Capacity Building, especially of our State Police Forces. This will ensure a synergised national response, to terrorism in our country. Other forces have also immensely benefitted from your Specialised Counter terror tactics, Bomb disposal techniques and from your K9 capabilities. By this measure, you are achieving the dual aim of capacity building, along with nation building and for this I wish to congratulate you.

For a force like NSG, training is the key and it is imperative that you are exposed to the best available training across the globe. I am happy that you have further built upon this repository by sharing the best practices with other Special Forces of India and the world.

In the end, I convey my heartiest felicitations to each one of you on the 33rd Raising Day of NSG.

I am sanguine that you will always be committed to your Vision to be ‘A World Class Zero Error Force’. Our wishes and prayers are always with you and I am certain, that you will always put your best foot forward and come out successful in all your endeavours, while serving our great nation.