Address by Shri M. Venkaiah Naidu, Honourable Vice President of India at Shri Narendra Mohan Memorial Lecture, in New Delhi on October 10, 2017.

New Delhi | October 10, 2017

Challenges of building a New India in the face of Changing Social Milieu

I feel immense pleasure in having been invited for this lecture organized in the memory of Late Sh. Narender Mohan, former Chief Editor of Dainik Jagran.

I have known Narender Mohan ji as an aggressive Editor, a brilliant Speaker, and an active Member of Parliament. I have known him for years.

I was well aware of Dainik Jagran, which was released under his Editorship. But I got the opportunity to meet and talk to him when I became a Member of the Rajya Sabha.

As, he had already become a Member of Rajya Sabha 2 years ago in 1996, whenever I got an opportunity, I used to listen to his opinions carefully and relished them.

He used to make his point with logic and facts. I was very impressed with his thought flow. Many people benefitted from his thinking.

I am grateful to you for giving me this opportunity to participate in this program organized in the memory of this great man.

We get immensely motivated when we think about great people like Narender Mohan. We get guidance to find solutions to the problems and challenges in our society and our country.

We all know and believe that India was once a rich and affluent country, but it faced many shake-ups which changed the social milieu of the country. The world has also undergone transformation.

Many countries progressed much ahead of us. We were lagging behind. We got independence but its fruit did not reach everyone. We made, and are still making tremendous efforts, but we failed to hold on to that determination which freed us from the shackles of the British. We became lethargic, sometimes disillusioned, and sometimes indifferent. That is why we are in such a condition now. There is poverty, filth, contamination and pollution, disease, catastrophic violence, illiterate society, and there is inequality. You can see all this in our present society's picture. We have to change this picture. We should not turn our back while facing these challenges. We have the capability and power to move ahead. We should get inspiration from the values, thinking and creative workmanship bestowed upon us by our ancestors for the last thousands of years.

Rebuilding of India is a sacred affair. Everyone should give his contribution. There should be special role for fearless and dedicated journalists like Narender Mohan ji. There is a need for such journalists who can take forward our society to fame with full integrity. There is need for another social awakening. Society needs to be made work-oriented. Only lip-service will not change the country.

That is why the noted Telugu poet Gurazada Apparao exclaimed "votti maatalu kattipettoy, gattimel thalapettavoy" meaning " Stop loose talk all together, Think to do solid help brother". We need to be working if we want to accomplish what we resolve to do. There is a need for devotion. There is a need for hard-work. There is a need for commitment and discipline.

A new India should be invented. We need to transform India in the perspective of the Modern World. What should our Great India be like? In my opinion, our India should be Clean and Healthy India, Literate and Capable India, Stable and Harmonious India, Fertile and Prosperous India, Empowered and Happy India.

We need to recognize the inherent strength of India again and use it in the right direction.

It should be our prime and sacred duty to find our society's shortcomings and weaknesses and then eliminate them. We should make policies with pious thoughts. These policies should be drawn with pure dedication and all the programmes be made better with introspection from time-to-time. If we respect the mandate of the people and give highest priority to the public interest, then only can we succeed, move courageously to build a new India and be victorious in our endeavors.

Many great personalities in the history have accomplished incredible deeds and have been an inspiration for us. With the same inspiration and motivation, I wish that we should face these challenges together with great determination and invent a great new India.
Thank you very much.
Jai Hind.