Address by Shri M. Venkaiah Naidu, Honourable Vice President of India after releasing the book titled Sameepya authored by Shri Prem Narain, in New Delhi on December 21, 2017.

New Delhi | December 21, 2017

1) I forward my wishes to Shri Prem Narayanji and Rajpath Publication for publishing and excellent collection of poems.

2) There is no doubt that era of Hindi poem started during the first war of independence in 1857. In 19th Century, Bhartendu Harish Chandra became father of Hindi literature.

3) Now-a-days, Hindi's stature has risen very high. It is not confined to India only. It is spoken in many countries and it has become language of international standard.

4) Shri Prem Narayanji has made quite a novel and profound experiment with Hindi poem. His poetry collection titled "Sameepya" itself shows that poet wants to bring readers close to him. This piece of writing of Prem Narayan ji is unique. The prologue of this book is a peerless poem in itself. This gave immense pleasure that Prem ji has accomplished prelude in poetry form in the book.

First word of the book is 'Nav' and the last word is 'Shraddhanjali'. Perhaps in this way the poet is devoting his sentiments to literature through this book. It seems his new Style to pay of tribute.

First poem of his collection state it appropriately that A man always remain engaged in search of nothing but his ownself. His poem titled "Smriti" provides insight to man apprise his own karmas. It teaches self evaluation. His poem "Kashti" is not less than any psalm (bhajan) of Ram for me.

Tum hi manjhi, tum hi kinara,
Tum hi kashti, tum hi sahara,
Ek bar mil jao mujhko
Mit jaye saara andhiyara.

His poem 'SAAMIPYA' is really a profound poem. Each and every line reflects philosophy therein.

Saamipya mita deta katuta
Vah sabal vicharon me lata hai, sada sadashyata.

It is true, by living together and nearby brings sweetness, build relations. If we sit alongwith a stranger in journey, after an hour we become good friends. Similarly, closeness to Almighty incites devotion. If a person does nothing but only starts going to temple regularly for few days then even an atheist person will become a theist and admirer.

The great poet Bhartrihari has rightly said one who has faith, achieves knowledge. All the poems in this collection of Shri Narayan ji are unique in themselves. The poem with title "Adrishya Rishta" puts it rightly that all of us are interconnected, we all have a special relation with each other which remains invisible always. We need to search that relation i.e., relation of humanity. Attainment of humanity is the ultimate achievement. And I think Narayan ji is also talking about that ultimate achievement of humanity.

Your poem "Pratikriya" is also rendering new direction, new enthusiasm to the man.

My wishes are with Narayan ji for keep on writing such profound poems and literature. The aim of human being should be like, as Narayanji has stated-

Mai ud chala Gangan chhune
Man mai tera saamipya liye
Jo pana hai usko paun
Aisa ur mai sankalp liye

Every human being should always be progressive and industrious, only then ultimate aim and concrete development will get materialized.

My special thanks to Narayan ji.