Address by Shri M. Venkaiah Naidu, Honourable Vice President of India after inaugurating the Academic & Seminar Complex and laying the foundation stone for Students and Research Scholars Hostels at Mizoram University, in Aizawl, Mizoram on May 24, 2018.

Aizawl, Mizoram | May 24, 2018

“I am indeed extremely pleased to join you all at the inauguration of the Academic and Seminar Complex and laying of the foundation stone for Students and Research Scholars’ Hostel in this beautiful campus of Mizoram University.

Better infrastructure creates better conditions for quality learning to take place. It is a necessary catalyst for improving the quality in any educational institution. I am, therefore, pleased that these new buildings are being inaugurated and for another set of buildings, foundation has been laid.

Mizoram University, I am hopeful, will make use of these facilities and emerge as one of the leading institutions in the country.

I strongly believe that it will become an important centre of education and research not only for the students of Mizoram, but for all those living in the North East India. This campus with its infrastructure and lively environment will be a congenial place for youngsters to pursue academic ambitions and realize their dreams.

I am pleased to see that the University has made tremendous efforts in promoting academics in the fields of Science, Arts, Commerce, and Engineering.

I am aware that Mizoram University with two campuses is striving hard to provide quality education to the people of Mizoram with 32 affiliated colleges in the state of Mizoram. I am told that Mizoram University was ranked 81th under the ‘University Ranking’ by NIRF, MHRD.. There is lot of scope for improvement and I am sure the University’s ranking will improve in the coming years.

I am happy to note that Mizoram University, located amid scenic hills, is home to regenerating tropical wet evergreen and semi-evergreen forests, including a protected forested water catchment reserve in the north and a small biodiversity park. You are truly blessed to have such wonderful natural surroundings.

I am also happy to note that major energy needs of the campus are met through solar power.

Sisters and Brothers,

Education must prepare the students of today to take on the challenges of tomorrow. It must not only equip them with the latest knowledge but also impart the required skill sets to enable them to be successful in their chosen fields. Education must aim at holistic development of an individual by imbuing the right qualities of head and heart.

Education is for enhancement of our competence, for empowerment, for enlightenment and for employment and enhancing our employability.

Education must lay the foundation for a strong character with uncompromising integrity, ethical values and inclusive outlook. It is imperative for today’s youngsters to be the torchbearers of a New India that will take its rightful place in the comity of nations.

The biggest strength of our country is the human resource capital—today about 65 per cent of the population is below the age of 35 years. We need to fully tap this human resource potential to make India a leading economic power in the world. For that to happen, institutions like Mizoram University must play a pivotal role and reorient their syllabi as also the teaching methods.

Dear students,

India has made rapid strides in various fields since attaining Independence. Yet the country is still grappling with problems like poverty, illiteracy, atrocities on women and weaker sections, religious fundamentalism and terrorism. We have to collectively strive to eradicate various problems hampering the progress of the country.

Students are the future citizens of the country. In this globalized, highly competitive era, possessing a graduation or post-graduation degree is not enough and one needs to undergo job-oriented training. The universities in collaboration with the industries must initiate training programmes that are in tune with the demands of the market. On its part, the government has launched a massive Skill India programme to provide employment avenues to lakhs of youth across India.

As a matter of fact, the employers are facing difficulty in finding recruits with requisite competencies. Hence, skills training helps develop job-related competencies to enable the candidates excel in their career. The students must utilize various opportunities provided by the Government of India particularly for improvement of skills, through various skill development courses. Depending on the type of career or profession you choose, specific skills and abilities have to be acquired, apart from possessing a sound knowledge required for the job.

Dear Students,

You should also consider becoming entrepreneurs, job givers and not merely job seekers. You have a number of alternative career paths. Choose the one that you feel passionate about and work to build up your skillset accordingly.

Sisters and brothers,

I am glad that this University is focusing on research and there are quite a few researchers in the audience today. Research and teaching are two main functions of any University. It is important that we must improve the quality of both these. We should focus on relevant research so that we find practical solutions to contemporary problems.

I am very happy to note that Mizoram University has introduced several MOOC courses, job oriented certificate and diploma courses, and skill development courses for training of students.

Sisters and brothers,

As the country’s economy moves on to a higher trajectory, more and more opportunities will open up for the youth. In fact, a news report recently stated that a study by a global executive search firm had forecast that India will be the only major economy with potential for talent surplus by 2030.

With the Union Government’s Look East and Act East policy, a lot many opportunities will most likely open up. Please try to keep yourself aware of emerging opportunities and seize them- first to enhance your knowledge and later to access career opportunities.

My suggestion to all of you is not to tread on beaten paths. Be creative, innovative and explore unchartered territories for making a mark in your career. Finally, I would like to recall the advice given by former President A P J Abdul Kalam—dream big and work hard to achieve your goals. There is no substitute to hard word, dedication and perseverance. Remember that there are no short cuts either to success.

In fact, Dr. Kalam and Prime Minister, Shri Narendrabhai Modi are the best examples of how an ordinary citizen through hard work and dedication can rise to occupy the highest positions in the country. Both of them coming from very humble backgrounds are a source of inspiration to all Indians.

Dear students, our country has a rich civilizational history and culture, which has survived through the ages. It is important for all you to remain connected with our culture, traditions, heritage, customs and ethos, irrespective of time and place. With the campus located in such exquisite natural surroundings, I am sure all of you are aware of the importance to co-exist with the nature. Live with nature and promote culture for a better future.

I hope that the Mizoram University will emphasize these aspects and achieve the objectives of the University by imparting quality education and training to students.

My best wishes to students, scholars, faculty and employees of the University for a great future ahead.