We need rigorous empirical research to make good, people-centric policies: Vice President Releases the book Staniya Svasasan Mei Addhi Aabadhi

New Delhi
January 25, 2018

The Vice President of India, Shri M. Venkaiah Naidu has said that we need rigorous empirical research to make good, people-centric policies. He was addressing the gathering after releasing the book ‘Staniya Svasasan Mei Addhi Aabadhi’ authored by Dr. Sadhana Pandey, in New Delhi today.

The Vice President quoted a report based on a sample survey of women representatives elected to the position of Sarpanch in gram panchayats:

  • Most of women elected to these positions are in the age group pf 26-36 years, married, living in nuclear families, completed secondary school and are from middle income category.
  • All women across all age and income groups have highlighted education as the most important factor for women’s advancement in all fields including politics.
  • The younger generation was much more aware of the need to focus on development issues like health, environment, planned motherhood and economic independence.
  • The younger generation showed a greater open-ness to modernity but at the same time were not willing to completely do away with the past. Most of the women still accepted that the society continues to be dominated by men.
  • Most women recognized the importance of radio and television in enhancing awareness but also felt some films to be inappropriate for younger audiences
  • There was a very clear awareness of the new possibilities for women to grow along with men
  • There was a general feeling that more should be done for rural areas by both the officials and the political executive

The Vice President said that it is an empirical study that captures the voices of the rural women who are occupying positions of authority at the local level. He further said that It can help the policy makers to understand the perspectives of women representatives and address the key issues of education, health, nutrition, information sharing, economic independence and empowerment.

The Vice President commended the author on this valuable effort and hope that she and other researchers will do similar surveys in other parts of India.

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