VP Shri Venkaiah Naidu outlines PM Shri Modis New India story to Indian diaspora in Panama City

Panama City
May 9, 2018

Says country witnessing transformation of ‘minds’ and ‘methods’

Democracy not to be blamed for slow progress but the leadership

Never before has any PM spoken so effectively of India from a position of strength

Shri Naidu says India not in race with any country in its new global outreach

Vice President Shri M.Venkaiah Naidu has said that Indian leadership is reaching out to different countries and regions of the world with higher levels of engagement in pursuit of its vision for shared benefits and the country is not in race with any other in this new and energetic global outreach. Shri Naidu spoke at length on the New India being unveiled over the last four years while addressing Indian diaspora in the Panama City today.

Shri Naidu said “Our country over the last four years has been taking rapid strides on several fronts under a stable government and able leadership. This stability and ability are crucial for fully harnessing the untapped energies of our people so that our nation can take its due place in the comity of nations. The energetic PM Shri Modi has set in motion a certain process of transformation encompassing both the ‘minds’ and ‘methods’. The mission that the PM has launched covers both behavioral and performance aspects”.

Vice President, differing with some commentators blaming democracy for the country’s slow progress asserted “If the leadership has the right vision and ability, things can be changed. ..The New India story will only gain further momentum as the hitherto unreached Indians join this journey with energy and enthusiasm unleashing their long suppressed hidden potential”.

Saying that as Vice President, he was only speaking of what is happening in the country, Shri Naidu noted “As Vice President, I am beyond political talk. I am only speaking about what is happening in our country. Prime Minister is the chosen leader of our country and Shri Modi is piloting change with certain energy and vigour and people are seeing the difference. I am not saying that all issues have been resolved and problems fixed. We have too many issues to be addressed and it takes time for sure. But a new beginning has been made”.

Elaborating on the progress made by the country and the efforts of global outreach, Shri Naidu said “As a vibrant democracy and a fast growing economy with enormous potential, our country has found a new voice, acknowledgement and visibility across the regions of the world over the last four years. Never before has any PM spoken so eloquently for India and Indians from a position of strength”.

Referring to media reports about India’s new global outreach as coming in the way of advances being made by China in different regions, Shri Naidu asserted “India does not like to run a race with others. We have our own vision for India and the world based on our strengths to back it. Our Prime Minister and Chinese President made it clear that there is enough space for both to play out their roles and take advantage of”.

Saying that India has emerged as a certain ‘new brand’ both at home and abroad, Shri Naidu urged the 32 million diaspora across the world to continue to march ahead with heads held high wearing on their sleeves the tag of Brand India. He called upon them to be true to 5 Ms, i.e Mother, Motherland, Mother tongue, Motherland adopted and Mentor(Guru).

Panama has the largest number of over 15,000 Indian diaspora in the region.

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